Success Academy Stays True to its Name with Stellar Academic Performance

Success Academy operates charter schools in New York City. The school network was founded in 2006 by the CEO Eva Moskowitz and has the biggest number of charter schools in the city. There are more that forty schools with over fourteen thousand pupils. Success Academy has recently become famous for producing scholars with high-performance scores on state tests. The school network is focused on minority learners from low-income families.

The school’s ingenious strategies are turning their scholars into academic superstars despite the disadvantaged backgrounds of the bulk of the students. This paradox is shocking fans and critics of the school network alike. Admission application wait lists are growing by the day, and Success Academy cannot seem to expand fast enough. For a good reason.

First, the leadership ensures strong collaboration between the scholars, teachers, school leadership and the parents. This synergy results in motivated scholars who excel. The school network has to perform to stay in operation. It goes through an evaluation system every five years to retain their license. This forms part of the strong drive to succeed.

Second, the scholars are scheduled for just over two hours of direct instruction time. The rest of the day is spent on practical learning activities to foster creativity. Third, there has been an immense commitment to creating awareness about the school network through a strategic marketing plan. Success Academy has a much bigger marketing budget that any public school in New York City.

It is not a single unit but numerous schools distributed across the city. This also expands the spread of the marketing budget, as they can target more localities with the same materials.

Additionally, the schools offer better learning facilities than the average public school such as computer and science labs, music rooms and libraries. The schools business model enjoys capital funding, and numerous fund managers serve on the board as financial advisors.

A big network also means that Success Academy can be able to adapt its management systems and learn from the more successful ones. A diverse range of learning activities and teaching aids keeps the scholars engaged and focused. Looking at the success points, there is no comparison to the operational models with public schools and this is a guarantee that the scholar success will only get better.