The Mariam Global Health Fund Finds Direction With CEO Dr. Mark Holterman

The Mariam Global Health Fund was founded by Dr. Holterman in order to foster innovative approaches to healthcare initiatives. Most of the focus of his organization is on stem cell research and autoimmunity. Dr. Holterman’s foundation has touched the lives of those all over the globe, including providing assistance to children in Vietnam through the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.

Dr. Holterman, having obtained his PhD from the University of Virginia, having worked as Instructor in Surgery for the University of Washington, and having been an Attending Pediatric Surgeon for the Rush University Medical Center, is also heavily involved in scientific research. Strides made in medical photonics and regenerative medicine have been one of the motivating factors behind Dr. Holterman’s initiatives. As a doctor and an entrepreneur, Dr. Holterman believes in being versatile and working smart, delegating much of his work, in order that he may focus on new, emerging and innovative research.

Dr. Holterman understands the challenges of bringing substantial medical advances to the bedside, and the processes involved in doing so. However, he is optimistic on the exciting and varied technological advances at the forefront of his research with Mariam Global Health. In perhaps an Elon Musk-like persona, Dr. Holterman thinks outside-the-box and always strives to think big and test the limits of modern technology and scientific research (

Having been involved in clinical trials for autoimmune diabetes treatments, named one of America’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly for several years, and having a laundry list of achievements over his career history, Dr. Holterman is bringing a plethora of knowledge and experience to the plate and continues to keep his focus on global health needs and treatments. Dr Holterman’s wife, Aixuan, is also a surgeon and involved in scientific research. His two sons are involved in the biotechnology field, taking after their father. Dr. Holterman is one who certainly practices what he preaches, having his entire family involved in the healthcare industry and bringing medical care where it is needed most.


Illinois and American Philanthropist, Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a philanthropist from the Chicago area who once served in the Marine Corps Reserves. His company, Custom Cares Charities Incorporated, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a base in Northlake, Illinois, and a satellite branch in Los Angeles, California. He employs over 300 people, and has brought his company to achieve $200 in sales so far. Perry’s Customer Cares Charities Incorporated is a full-service transportation company with numerous offices all over the United States; his motto is that “One call does it all.” Serving on the board of directors of both the Jesse White Tumblers and The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, Perry Mandera routinely participates in donating 6,500 jackets to needy children in the greater Chicago area during the cold months.

Sympathetic to people in Illinois, he has also helped donate to victims of hurricanes such as the 2013 tornado in Washington, Illinois. His support has come in the form of free transportation and shipping services to members of affected areas, even including the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. More recently, Perry Mandera has donated to the victims of the 2017 California wildfires, on top of routinely donating thousands of dollars to Chicago residents during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Mandera helps support the Illinois State Crime Commission, too. In 2011 he was awarded the Bishop Sheil Citizen of the Year Award. The goal of the ISCC is to reduce crime related to the youth, most notably relating to gang violence. In addition to all of this, he donates his time to various sporting organizations around the Chicago area by acting as a coach in football, basketball, and baseball. Moreover, he financially supports boxers as they get ready for the Olympics. Perry Mandera always tells children to stay away from drugs and violence, and is a devout Christian and family man.

His company also donates to Toys for Tots, Girl Scouts of America, the ALS foundation, and more.


How Dr. Dov Rand Delivers Great Bedside Manner To His Patients

Dr. Dov Rand is a medical doctor in the Wayne, New Jersey, area. He is licensed to practice medicine by New Jersey and has been since 1992. He is a graduate of the Howard University College of Medicine which is where he earned his MD. He worked at St. Barnabas Medical Center in order to complete his internship. He also worked at the Albert Einstein College Of Medicine in order to perform his residency (Twitter).

Dr. Dov Rand owns his own practice called Healthy Aging Medical Centers and he is affiliated with the Chilton Medical Center. He founded his New Jersey practice and is a rehabilitation, physiatrist, and physical medicine doctor who is committed to only practice peer-reviewed and evidence-based medicine. He says that unless something has been supported in a reputable, peer-reviewed medical journal and/or article he will neither recommend it to his patients or prescribe it to them.

As someone who has been called a “Doctors-Doctor”, Dr. Dov Rand has an excellent bedside manner that has been described as very kind and understanding ( He is a health and fitness expert who does his best to serve as a role model to his patients and employees when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to seeing patients, he is also presently at work on a book tentatively titled “It’s Not Too Late to Live Past 100”. His philosophy is that people shouldn’t be prescribed a medicine for every little thing and should instead be taught how to take care of their bodies and minds naturally.

The emphasis at Dr. Dov Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Centers is on health and wellness including weight loss and mitigating the effects of aging. This includes health supplements, fitness training, nutrition training, and bio-identical hormone therapies. When he first sees a patient he performs a comprehensive physical exam that firmly establishes the patient’s current health and what can be done to improve it.

Dr. Dov Rand has been board certified in functional, regenerative, and anti-aging medicine. He has also been certified by the Millenium Traumatic Brain Injury Network.


Perry Mandera, Philanthropist and CEO of The Custom Companies

Perry Mandera is the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., which is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois. Mandera has decades of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. Mandera has been recognized as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millenium”, a title given out by the Illinois Transportation Association.


Early Life

His experience started straight out of high school in 1975 when he joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve and was assigned to be in the motor pool. This is where he learned how to drive a truck. After five years in the military he opened his own trucking business in 1980 at the age of 23. He sold the business five years later after becoming Republican ward committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago, making him the youngest man to hold that position. He served that position until 1988.


The Custom Companies, Inc. is Born

In 1986, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc. This company started as a two-truck operation and their motto was (and still is) “One call does it all”. The goal of the company was to provide a comprehensive transportation solution for their clients. Mandera felt that there was no need for their clients to need to call multiple companies for their different transportation needs. In order to fulfill their vision, The Custom Companies quickly expanded to meet customer needs. They now operate in all 50 states and their transportation services include trucking services, domestic and international freight flights, logistics management services, and more. The Custom Companies, Inc. has become a huge success with sales over $200 million.


Perry Mandera, the Philanthropist

Perry Mandera is a devoted Christian, family man, and a man who gives back to his community. After The Custom Company took off, Mandera founded Custom Care Charities, a 501(c)(3) organization. This organization supports many charitable efforts in Illinois, as well as some national charities. This charity supports programs for veterans, underpriveleged children, youth sports teams, and victims of natural disasters.

Perry Mandera is a very successful man and he attributes his success to his loyal customers, both local and national. He tries to pay it forward by giving back to his community. Through his hard work and selflessness, The Custom Company will continue to thrive.


Chicago Native Perry Mandera: Marine, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist And Christian

Perry Mandera has served his country as a Marine, supports the needy all over the nation, is committed to his church family and has built a very successful full-service transportation company that provides reliable, affordable services to companies of all sizes. Mandera’s ability to do all of these things have won him a place on the ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium’ list put together by the Illinois Transportation Association in 2000. And he continues to keep his companies focused on providing the best, most professional service possible.

A Chicago native, Perry Mandera joined the Marines in 1975 after graduating high school. Assigned to the motor pool, he learned how to drive all types of trucks. When he left active duty and became part of the Marine Corp Reserve, he also worked with several transportation companies. By 1986, Mandera had enough experience in and understanding of the transportation industry to start his own transportation business, The Custom Companies. The company, which offers affordable transportation services on which businesses of all sizes can rely, as well as warehousing and distribution services, has made in excess of $200 million.

Through his charitable organization Custom Cares Charities, Perry Mandera has used his financial largess to support underprivileged children, veterans, churches, victims of natural disasters throughout the U.S. and worldwide, as well as AIDS and cancer research, the Red Cross, Special Olympics, the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Mandera also makes time in his very busy schedule to coach youth sports teams in the Chicago area. Mandera is a source of inspiration for children and adults alike (Positivethefacts). A man that has it all and willingly shares it with as many people as possible.

Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies has a fleet of well-maintained, fully-equipped trucks with the latest, most advanced tracking technology. Plus, Mandera’s staff is committed to accuracy in billing and tracing practices, professionalism and excellent customer service. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Perry Mandera has been praised by the Illinois Crime Commission, Sister Paulanne Needy Family Fund, Two Soldiers and a Marine and many other organizations.


Christopher Linkas Explains Why 20 Year Olds Need To Start Investing

Most people only start investing when they have a good pool of money that they don’t need at the moment and think they need to save it for the future. For most people, investing only starts once they are in their late 20s or 30s, depending on their financial situation of course. But what a lot of 20-year-olds fail to realize is that investing right now is better than putting it off for the future. There are several reasons why investing early is good, even if you are in debt following your college graduation, or if you are working at a low-income job.

One of the best reasons to invest in your 20s is the time advantage. Investment profits grow over time, and not overnight, which is why it is the best to start early. Investments tend to reap better profits in ten or twenty years, so investing a little in your twenties means that you will live a better and more financially secure life in your 30s (

To be able to invest well, you need to learn how to invest. Investing in your twenties helps you understand the various nuances of the task at hand, and will help you make better investments in the future (Relationshipscience). Treating it all as a learning experience that will pay off should be a good enough reason to invest and reap the benefits.

People in their twenties tend to be more in sync with technology and the things around them. It is easier for them to learn now rather than when they get older and fall out of sync with the tech around them.

Christopher Linkas is a well known financial advisor who has worked with some of the biggest corporates and clients coming to him from all over the world. Linkas stands as the Managing Director at the company and has worked hard to bring up the company to the notable position that it currently holds in the industry. Linkas experience and knowledge in the field have made him the notable name that he is today, and his something that has helped him forge an incredible career for himself in the industry.


Dr. Jorge Moll Neurologist is a “No Brainer”

When considering a neurologist with extensive education and experience, Dr. Jorge Moll is among the elite few with both a joint Medical Doctor and Ph.D. degree. Whether your interests concern clinical medicine, education or research, he has extensive involvement in all of these areas. Using his innate intelligence and personal commitment to the betterment of mankind, Dr. Moll has devoted his life to understanding the human mind and body (

Born and educated in the finest Universities in Brazil, Dr. Moll has extensive involvement in the academic community in the United States as well. Using his exceptional education, Dr. Moll has provided multiple applications of his knowledge internationally. He has been awarded multiple accolades in ethics and research from such prestigious institutions such as the National Institute of Health and Stanford University in America. In his native country, Dr. Moll has been an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and internationally has been elected as a governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society. Currently, the focus of his endeavors centers on research and education.

Dr. Jorge Moll is currently the President-director and member of the governing board of the D’Or (“pain” or “ache” in English) Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As such, all aspects of Neurology and Neuroscience are examined. Innovated concepts are explored between multiple disciplines utilizing a translational approach. Just a few of the research topics considered by Dr. Moll’s organization include Neurocellular biology, inherited disorders of metabolism, and improved functional and static imaging techniques. The advances made in these areas and countless other efforts have provided and will continue to provide invaluable understanding and treatment options to patients, researchers, and physicians around the world.

Very few individuals have accomplished what this compassionate, intelligent, ethical and well-educated doctor has attained. One can only imagine what wonderful gifts to mankind he will provide in the future. Dr. Jorge Moll is a prime example of the very best humanity has to offer.



James Larkin grew up in England’s Liverpool to become a courageous man who could address large crowds. Jim had powerful speeches that would move people and turn them to follow him. He was able to convince workers to strike more than once.

He began at the docks where he was working a foreman. This was a good position, and his earnings were not as meager as those of a docker or sailor. However, the treatment that they received was all equaled, and Larkin decided that it was not going to continue anymore.

He spoke to the laborers and foreman that worked with him, and his words were moving enough for them to follow him on whatever course of action he decided to take up. James Larkin was successful in organizing them, but the demonstration did not end so well because he was fired as a result.

NUDL could not let such a talented man slip from their fingers. They grabbed the first opportunity to make Larkin one of them, and in the organizers’ team. There, he went on with his convincing tongue and was able to lead other workers on the streets to refuse the Chinese immigration.

James Larkin succeeded on several occasions, including the time when he went to Dublin following instructions given by NUDL. He also successfully formed ITGWU and gained a lot of followers, after making a way out of NUDL.

His reasons for leaving the first and biggest union that he had ever joined were many, but most importantly, Larkin had refused to listen to the union when he was sent to Dublin. He did as he wished.

James Larkin was convinced by James Connolly to mobilize people for the Dublin Lockout after they, together, formed the Irish Labor Party. The lockout was successful, but many owed it to James Larkin for being able to give workers purpose and a reason for fighting for what they thought was right.

James Larkin was able to achieve many things through word of mouth and swaying people’s hearts and thoughts. He was not educated, but the little he knew took him very far places.

Glen Wakeman: Inspiring Businessman All Over The World

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, LLC. This firm offers online business planning services for beginning stage entrepreneurs. Mr. Wakeman has worked in 32 countries and lived in six of them. He has held a 20 year career with GE Capital and transformed several businesses. Some of his accomplishments include: acquisitions and mergers, downsizing, exponential growth, new market entry, integrations, divestitures, and startups.

Glen Wakeman offers advice on global affairs, business transformation, leadership, and emerging markets. One can find him blogging frequently about these business and corporate issues. He will typically offer advice on capital raising, angel financing, and strategy. Lately, he has been giving away free tips to startups and CEOs. These are offered as three-step-tips on his blog site. He will also occasionally use YouTube to offer guidance.


Molding Business Ventures

In order to accomplish all of these business ventures, he put his college degrees to work. He is highly qualified to offer mentoring guidance to other companies. Mr. Wakeman provides mentorship through Launchpad Toolkit. It gives new entrepreneurs tips and connections to form their new company. It also assists new startups to not fail within the first couple of years. He is very passionate about helping and inspiring new businesses. He advises numerous start-ups and mentors C-level executives.

Mr. Wakeman has a new interest in using machines to solve business problems. He believes that machine learning can increase quality through enabling decision making. Consequently, privacy issues are always a problem when using machine technology. But, Mr. Wakeman hopes that politics and philosophy can come together to preserve humanity while keeping up with advancements in technology.

Throughout many years of success in the financial and business world, Glen Wakeman has a lot to share. He tests his business ideas against others in order to bring the best ones to life. His advice to new entrepreneurs? Stay in contact with every friend and acquaintance they have. Use social media to maintain these contacts throughout time. Contacts are highly important for the failure or success of new companies.


Daniel Taub and Writing Dedication

Daniel Taub was the United Kingdom’s ambassador for the Middle Eastern nation of Israel. He went to Bradford, England not long after George Galloway made some questionable remarks. Galloway works as the Bradford West MP. He called the location an area that’s devoid of Israel. This occurred in the middle of a speech. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Taub indicated to the Telegraph & Argus that he was in Bradford to attend various local events. He was invited to a handful of them. He planned on managing various faith leader and counselor meetings there as well.

Taub is a person who has lots of roles in his life. He’s a global attorney and diplomat. He’s also a writer who has lots of talent and knowledge. His time as a United Kingdom ambassador ended in 2015. He held that position for four rewarding years, too. He represents Jerusalem’s Yad Hanadiv Foundation as a planning and strategy director. Taub was born in the United Kingdom in the early sixties.

This individual went to Elstree, Hertfordshire’s Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. That was prior to his time at University Colleges in London and Oxford. That his prior to his experience all the way across the pond at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts as well. His United States education did a lot to prepare him for his career.

Taub has been a big player within the Israeli Foreign Ministry. He’s accommodated many political, legal and diplomatic positions for the organization. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

He knows a lot about all matters that involve global law. Taub studied war laws, counter-terrorism and beyond. He devotes a substantial amount of time to peace that relates to both Israel and Palestine, too.

There’s no denying that Daniel Taub has a jam-packed daily life. He always does everything he can to squeeze in precious writing time, though. Writing is one of Taub’s most beloved activities. It’s something he does extremely well, too. He genuinely adores writing pieces that cover the Middle East as a region. He likes to focus specifically on Israel.

He’s had comprehensive articles show up in all kinds of respected publications.

Taub’s work has emerged in the Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and, last but not least, The Times. Daniel Taub is the author behind a book that’s called Parasha Diplomatit. Parasha Diplomatit goes into biblical content and offers exhaustive diplomatic guidance. He created Hechatzer, a fascinating drama from Israel. He wrote its script.