Traveling Vineyard Makes It Possible to Earn Money

     The Traveling Vineyard has become one of the most successful companies when it comes down to earning money on the side. It is not uncommon for anyone to have a side gig, but many people will realize that this can be a complicated thing to do if they have to clock in to another job every time that they have to get ready to make money. What the Traveling Vineyard has managed to do is give people access to a much better way to make money without getting stuck in a pattern that requires clocking in and clocking out.

Wine consultants for the Traveling Vineyard are going to be able to actually give themselves access to a world where they can set their very own schedules. This is why it is such a popular way to build an income. The Traveling Vineyard has consultants that go to an annual Harvest Festival and that allows them to build their knowledge on the wines. There is also a website for the Traveling Vineyard called the Tasting Room that gives people information on various wines. When consultants become familiar with red and white wines they will have the opportunity to give people better indications of how they can pair wines.

It is very important to learn about the different wines that are available. It is also vital to learn about the pairing of wines. When you know about pairing for wine selections it becomes much easier to convince clients of the need to pair certain wine selections. Most clients that pick a wine consultant have no idea of what they may want to serve at a party. They are depending heavily on the knowledge of the consultant so it is vital to gain all the information that is available about the exclusive Traveling Vineyard wines. This is the best thing that consultants can do. When they get this information they will be able to make better decisions.

Traveling Vineyard certainly has made it possible for more people to get access to exclusive wines. This company also gave people access to flexible employment opportunities.

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Karl Heideck, Litigation Professional

     Karl Heideck is an attorney with experience in compliance, risk management, with a specialization in litigation. Heideck received his Bachelor of Arts in 2003 from Swarthmore College. After receiving his BA, he was accepted to Temple University-James E. Beasley School of Law, receiving his J.D in 2009.

     Karl Heideck works at the law office of Pepper Hamilton LLP, in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania He has been licensed in the field for 8 years. Karl Heideck’s skillset is extensive. It includes, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Mediation, Arbitration, Appeals, Trials, Intellectual Property, Research and Westlaw.

     If you look in the Cambridge English Dictionary, you will find a simplistic definition of a litigator as an individual who “specializes in taking legal action against people and organizations.” The definition is rather vague, but it is a start. A litigator must take in the big picture of a case from start to finish, which may include addressing a judge, jury, and witnesses in a court of law.

Let’s step through the process of a litigator once he has a case.

  1. He must begin a full investigation. This includes gathering minute details of the case. This includes enlisting the help of accountants, private investigators and other professionals.
  2. He initiates a case once all the facts have been collected, asking a judge or jury to rule. This is done, through pleadings.
  3. After initiating a case, the “discovery” phase of the investigation begins. This is where relevant information between the parties are exchanged.
  4. Once information is exchanged the litigator will set up pretrial conferences, hearing and, or possible settlement negotiations.
  5. If negotiations fail, the litigator will go to court.
  6. If the court trial goes badly, the litigator will file an appeal, which he will handle as well.

     Litigators usually have a BA with majors in English, history, government, or economics, with a diverse mix of general educational courses that include public speaking, research and writing.

     Final step, law school. It takes 3 years to complete your J.D Degree. Then you must pass the bar exam to practice.


Eric Lefkofsky Has Come A Long Way In His Career

Born into a Jewish family in Detroit, Michigan Eric Lefkofksy went right to college after graduating high school in 1987. He attended the University of Michigan and obtained his bachelor’s degree in 1991. His continued his studies and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.Fast forward 10 years and he became the co-founder of several successful startups, Eric Lefkofsky has certainly made a huge impact in the fields of science and technology.

From the time of his first carpet business while in college to his current involvement with Tempus, Mr. Lefkofsky continues to share his innovative ideas with the entire world through his work. An excellent example of this involves his tenure with Uptake. While there he managed to improve many other businesses’ overall safety and operations. All in all, this has allowed Uptake to accumulate a value of more than $2 billion. After making sure that Uptake had a firm grasp of things, he created his next venture named Lightbank with his long-time business partner Mr. Keywell. His Lightbank capital firm immediately took off and allowed the ability to invest capital in more than 100 companies. If that isn’t enough, Mr. Lefkofsky went to bring his latest idea to light, Tempus. With Tempus, Lefkofsky is the current chairman and has continued to play an intricate role in the companies development and implementation of data to help fight cancer.

Besides being very involved with science and technology, Eric Lefkofsky has also been involved in many philanthropic contributions. These contributions all stemmed from his Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he created with his wife Liz in 2006. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation currently prides itself with the advancement of initiatives that give back to the communities that it serves. Along with charitable work through his foundation, Eric Lefkofsky is also a current Trustee of The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Mr. Lefkofsky also holds the position of Board of Trustees Chairman for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago. He is also an adjunct professor at The University of Michigan.

The Difference that Adam Milstein is Making Around the World

When I first heard the name Adam Milstein, I didn’t realize how important it was to research his biography. Seeking more information about being successful and following the path of active philanthropists, his name popped up over and over. His charitable and philanthropic services are getting more attention, specifically what he is doing to help Israel as well.


As the co-founder of the Milstein Foundation, Adam focuses on not only giving back to the nation of Israel, but he is also focused on strengthening the relationship between Israel and the United States. As a consultant, Adam believes that relationship is everything. This is noticeable in all of his work with partnership development as well. Fundraising is one of Adam’s greatest passions, as he seeks to raise more money to further Jewish education, and to ensure that there is Pro-Israel advocacy among the Jewish community.


I noticed that like any charitable organization, Adam has three principles that he is focused on including active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. These three principles have their own unique proposition, yet together they all serve the greater good.


The first principle, active philanthropy, is important to Adam as he invests his time, expertise and funding into each project that he is a part of. I found this to be a noble quality and one worth mentioning. The second principle of life path impact, is focused on developing programs that will address each of life’s many stages. This is another principle that I believe is noteworthy because of the focus on childhood, and the emphasis on developing as a better person in each stage of an individual’s life. The third principle of philanthropic synergy, is yet another principle I admire. Adam seeks to partner with other charities to work together and help each other to become better.


It’s clear that Adam Milstien is focused on making an impact around the world, and with these three principles, it’s no surprise that he is doing so with such passion.


Get Out of the City with Samuel Strauch’s List of the Hottest 10 Suburban Locales in the US

Thinking about ditching the big city and leaving your apartment or loft behind for a home in the suburbs? There are still some great suburban areas in America whether you are looking for better schools, less crime, or simply more affordable housing.

The 3 most important aspects of a house for sale are location, location, and location. Does the house access to shopping? Is the rest of the neighborhood in good condition? Does it have a steep driveway that could be a hazard in the winter? Are there nearby amenities for kids and pets? After location comes the actual homes size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a fenced yard etc. These factors are important, but can usually be found within any given neighborhood, so let’s look at some excellent suburban locations suggested by Real Estate Agent Samuel Strauch.

While his article ‘Samuel Strauch Reveals The Hottest Suburban Neighborhoods’ reveals more detailed information about each location, here is a quick list of the neighborhoods mentioned:

  • Northeast Denver (Denver, Colorado)
  • Wylie (Dallas, Texas)
  • Dublin (San Francisco, California)
  • Daffan (Austin, Texas)
  • Palm River-Clair Mel (Tampa, Florida)
  • Vista East (Orlando, Florida)
  • Cutler Bay (Miami, Florida)
  • Milpitas (San Jose, California)
  • Williamsburg in Murfreesboro (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Apex (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Samuel Strauch is a top Miami Beach real estate agent ranking in the top 13% of 5737 agents in the area. He has served the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area for over 15 years as a principal with Metrik real estate. Besides his interest in real estate, Samuel Strauch also is an investor in several restaurant and internet businesses and is the founder of a website As far as Samuel Strauch’s educational background, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Business at Hofstra University in New York and also studied at Harvard University and Erasmus University. Instagram photos.

Standing up for the Oppressed

If there is one thing that is common about people who live under some kind of oppression or tyranny, it is that they either don’t know how to stand up for themselves or believe that the situation is hopeless. The oppressor is often elevated to some kind of godlike status. He is either seen as infallible, invincible, or just overall superior. For bullies, the victims often endure it because of the perceived godlike status of the bully. Countries under tyrannical rule are similar, but it is done on a much larger scale than mere bullying. In both bullying and tyranny, it often takes an outside party to help the oppressed realize that they have a choice.

Fortunately, there are people that are trying to help the oppressed realize that there is something better. Thor Halvorssen is one of them. Thor is a human rights activist. He is the president of the Human Rights Foundation. He is also not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn’t just talk about issues. He also takes action. He is also one of the people that are changing the face of human rights activism. For a while, human rights activists have been seen as sad people who love humanity and yet hate people. Thor Halvorssen works differently. Click here to watch video.

Thor himself says that he loves people. This is one of the reasons that he stands up for the rights of others. He wants people to experience the freedom and equality that they were meant for. Thor works with an intensity that can match the tyrants that he deals with. Among the tyrants that he is taking on is North Korea’s Kim Dynasty. The stories of North Korean defectors are enough to sicken people. There are plenty of other countries that are filled with horrors and inhumane treatment of people.

Korean Skin Care Tips

There are some people who wonder how Asian women have such beautiful and clear skin. Wengie offers a few tips that viewers can use to get the same clear complexion while having the soft skin that is desirable to touch.


When Wengie would go to Korea, she would notice that women didn’t have pimples or blemishes on the skin. She has always made it a point to find out how they have such beautiful skin. An important thing to remember is that skin is hereditary. You will have similar skin as your parents. Those who live in colder climates have smaller pores, which can make the skin clearer and lighter. Living in a warmer climate means larger pores and a darker complexion.


Korea is about 3 years ahead of the western world when it comes to beauty products. One of the first things to talk about is the standard of skin care. Koreans have a high standard for skin. They care about the size of the pores and the moisture content of the skin. Many women carry a small bottle with water so that they can refresh the skin during the day. The routines of Koreans are very long when it comes to skincare. They usually double cleanse to get the pores as clear as possible. They exfoliate and tone. On top of toning, Koreans use moisturizing creams and face masks. They also work a facial massage into the day so that the skin stays as refreshed and youthful as possible.

South Korean HealthCare Fund Expands Highland Capital’s Expertise

Highland Capital Management continues to expand its coverage of the healthcare industry. Healtcare is in the news; therefore, a wise investment firm takes advantage of that free press coverage. Highland worked with the South Korean National Pension Service (NPS) to raise $147 million for investment in North American and South Korean firms.


“South Korea Medical Devices”


No one can change economic realities. Cheaper labor costs make it easier for South Korea manufacturing firms to compete on the world stage. Mature American medical device firms can take their intellectual property to Asia and have the lower wage workers assemble new products. This new Highland Capital healthcare fund can invest in those healthcare firms.


This fund has a higher chance of success because of the connection to the NPS. Also, the local South Korean investment firm, Stonebridge Capital is co-manager of the fund. The foundation has been laid for success.


“Less Addictive Pain Relievers”


What are some of the other Highland Capital Management developments in the healthcare field? Highland Capital Mr. Michael D. Gregory is the Head of Healthcare Credit. When asked about healthcare stocks that Highland Capital was covering, Mr. Gregory discussed the dangers of opioid addiction in the U.S. – companies are turning to “new, less-addictive pain relievers.” Highland Capital HealthCare fund managers are suggesting investment in the firms with these less addictive pain relievers.


Once again, there are numerous synergies between North America and South Korea. Of course, pain relief knows no boundaries and the development of better drugs would be beneficial to both nations. The United States has an aging population with more seniors who might need non-addictive drugs.


The US Food & Drug Administration and South Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety might compare notes on pain relief applications. Dallas based Highland Capital manages about $15.4 billion and continues to be at the forefront of world-changing developments. Now, it has expanded its healthcare expertise to South Korea.

A Brief Look At Eric Pulier’s Background, Charitable Giving And Business Career

A Brief Look On Eric Pulier’s Background


Eric Pulier grew up in the suburban community of Teaneck, New Jersey outside of New York City. He graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and went on to study at Harvard University. Eric Pulier was a student journalist during his time at Harvard University. He had his own column at the Harvard Crimson student newspaper and wrote about things such as technology, terrorism and politics. Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988 with the the highest possible honors of magna cum laude. While studying at Harvard University, Eric Pulier also expanded his knowledge of computer science and programming by taking a few supplemental courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


A Brief Look On Eric Pulier’s Career


One of the companies that Eric Pulier first created was called People Doing Things. It was formed in 1991 and based out of Los Angeles, California. People Doing Things was a tech company that offered software and technology solutions for the healthcare and education sector.


The second company that Eric Pulier has created was called Digital Evolution. It formed in 1994 and was an interactive digital media company. Digital Evolution would eventually be merged together with another company called US Interactive.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Pulier has been credited with creating, investing in or co-founding over 15 different technology and software companies. Some of the more notable examples of companies that he played a key role in as an investor or founder are MediaPlatform, US Media Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, SOA Software and Desktone.


A Brief Look At Eric Pulier’s Philanthrophy


Eric Pulier has always had a soft spot and big heart when it comes to helping children who are suffering from chronic illnesses. One of the earliest forays of Eric Pulier into the world of philanthropy involved him creating a digital educational platform for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Pulier’s digital forum helped to educate people who were diagnosed with this chronic illness. Another early charitable project of Eric Pulier was with the Starbright World. This was a private social media network designed especially for young children with fatal and chronic diseases.

Chris Burch: A Reputable and All-Rounded Entrepreneur

Chris is renowned for his talent in creating several brands worldwide such as C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Also, he is famous for making worthwhile investments, and lately, he is in the limelight for venturing into the hospitality industry. In the year 2012, both Mr. Burch and renowned hotelier McBride engaged in the purchase of a beach hostel located in Sumba. In the year 2015, the hotel was then refurbished and led to the birth of a five-star hotel known as Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu resort emerged the best hotel in the world in 2016 according to Travel + Leisure. Nihiwatu comes as the latest entrepreneurial venture by Chris Burch who has founded other numerous globally recognized brands. When asked about it by Business Jet Traveler, he said that he purchased the property for his little ones and hopes that one day, he will be able to give back to the community.

Interesting to note, Nihiwatu has 27 private cabins, including Mr. Burch’s private home. The great Raja Mendaka consists of the main house and four cabins, each with a plunge pool. For the lovers of nature, there are tree houses at your disposal. During your getaway, you will be exposed to various Sumbanese antiques used for decoration.

There is a beach spa available, but guests are also given an option of having the service in their rooms and villas. Yoga sessions are offered daily at a common wellness center. However, guests can request for private yoga lessons with the instructors. Also, excursions, surfing, riding stables and many other facilities are offered at the resort all at a fair price.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch was born on March 28th, 1953. He is a renowned entrepreneur who has had an admirable passion and eye for business since he was a young man. He had a breakthrough with his career in college where he and his brother developed the Eagles Eye apparel. It later blossomed, and they sold it for $165 million.  Click on for an interesting article.

Mr. Chris Burch brings to the table over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is the founder and President of Burch Creative Capital. Chris also co-founded the renowned Tory Burch fashion brand. He is renowned for being actively involved in the rising of more than 50 entities, where he served in various capacities. More importantly, he is the co-founder of the Nihiwatu beach resort in Indonesia. Chris Burch holds a business degree from Ithaca College. Additional article on

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