Gama Advances

     Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian copywriting and copyediting specialist who has done far more for his country than he will ever acknowledge credit for, and that alone’s a major understatement of epic proportions – in fact, his humility is what has driven him to dozens of top positions and jobs in the last four decades. He has certainly proven himself over many years, beginning as a mere associate while finishing his bachelor’s degree and – slowly but surely – advancing up the ranks with a dedicated mix of skill and flair. He is truly the committed writer and Grammar expert in Brazil – known as number one there.

Alexandre Gama has founded Neogama at the late turn of the century, right as economic fluctuations were at their all-time high – not only in Brazil but in the world’s larger collective economy. Gama has seen ups and downs. He has survived.

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Jason Hope – A Self-Proclaimed Futurist and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has been the advocate of the new age technology for years and has helped propagate the importance and use of the Internet of Things technology. As a self-proclaimed futurist, Jason Hope believes in the power of technology and feels that the smart technology utilized by the millions of people today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology.

The Internet of Things technology would connect different devices and make them work in coordination with each other as per the pre-set users’ instructions. It would make finishing tasks much easier, and get the job done on time, every time. The application of the Internet of Things technology in the corporate sector and the industry can also be massive as it can help with cost-cutting and also aid with waste management. The utilization of resources would become optimal with the use of Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope is excited about the fact that the aviation industry has also started to adopt the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would help the engineers know in real-time if there are any damages in the engine or if any repair work is needed. It would ensure that the engineering team is ready as soon as the plane lands. The technicians would not have to spend a lot of time finding where the problem is because the IoT technology would pinpoint where exactly the damage is and the repair is needed.

Jason Hope believes in giving back to the society and is associated with numerous charitable organizations. One of the research foundations to which Jason Hope donates to is the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope believes that through active research on a molecular level, the process of aging can be stopped and even reversed, which is one of the areas SENS Research Foundation is working on.


New Additions

Armour Business Market Pricing: With a new MSRP recently adjusted to $27978.46 AUD and private sale options likewise ranging from $21700.30 to $24659.43 AUD, this option is not a bad pick, considering that the asset dealer retail price range stands at $23433.13 into $27858.49 AUD. Dealer trade pricing ranges from $17061.66 to $19727.55 AUD. That’s the price you must pay if you want this service by Capital Group’s best. Buckle your seat belts and get ready; it’s time to take Timothy Armour’s business products to a new level.

2017 Armour

Features: More services come included as does an adjustable pricing plan, allowing for the maximum adjustment angles and ranges among any budget on the market. With a Tilt and Telescopic adjustable plan to go along with the basic flexibility, you can drive your business forward in the maximum comfort and awareness on any deals. Plus, an over-the-top promise and satisfaction guarantee are likewise thrown in the mix; Armour’s been generous this time around. As if all these features were not enough in and of themselves, there’s always more: an asset management guidebook and a bad business limiter are also built in as well as a taste of all that’s to come.

Pros: Capital offers the best combination of technology, safety and value. The company’s look appeals to most, if not all, potential customers. Its exterior and interior appearance resemble a business model of prestige, and the final price range will certainly remind you of that. Take home this beautiful partnership ooportunity with a sense of pride in what you pay. As they say, you get what you pay for; the actual pricing details are further detailed in the last section below.

There are no cons as Armour’s long-standing reputation is solid: Armour, wisely, reportedly does not handle bad business without much stability, and these only rate three out of five stars in most anonymous online user rating systems. The overall business handling aspects gave it this mediocre ranking. Don’t ride uphill or in unsteady territory when planning your business endeavors; simply contact Timothy Armour, CEO of Capital Group.


Mike Baur Works Hard and Finds Satisfaction in Swiss Start Up Company

Mike Baur does a good job of putting his education to work through multiple companies that he has seen success in, currently holding down an executive position at five different companies.

He started out getting interested in finances at the age of sixteen. He went on to recieve his bachelor’s degree in banking and finances. Still feeling the pull to further his education, he then went on to recieve two masters degrees, one in Business Administration and another in Executive Business Administration.

Using his knowledge from the universities, in addition to his hard work and dedication, he had successes in the banking industry but in 2008 the recession hit and the banking industry seemed less enjoyable than it had before in part because there was more hoops to jump through in order to help people achieve their goals. He wanted to help in a quicker, less painful way.

As he began looking for something else to do, he found his niche when he create a start-up company called Swiss Start Up Factory. He started the company with a colleague he had met at college and they immediately began helping companies find success, either by helping them financially or through a mentorship program.

The mentorship program helped the promising companies by giving them rent-free work space in Switzerland’s largest city, three months assistance, and hands on learning about how to market their products worldwide.

Mike Baur also sits on the board of a pitch contest named START Summiteer, which not only helped the contestants of the contest but also helped launch Baur’s company as one with notiable reputation. The contest is focused on companies with less than one million dollars assets and only thirty companies make it to the pitch sessions.

Not wanting to go too far from his financial roots, Baur also created a company called ThinkReloaded that helps affluent people decide which investments are the best ones to make. Naturally, ThinkReloaded and Swiss Start Up Factory have worked together on numerous projects.

Part of what makes Baur’s organization unique is the sheer amount of work that everyone involved at Swiss Start Up Factory puts in. As a matter of fact, that is why they added the Factory part to the name- because factories work hard and so does Baur and his partners and that is something worth bragging about!


Osteo Relief Institute, improving the quality of life in arthritis patients

The definition of arthritis is a joint pain or joint disease in general. In spite of the fact that the joint disease is common, it is not well understood. There exists not less than 100 various kinds of arthritis, as well as more than 50 million grown-ups in the United States of America, have some form.  It is most prevalent in women and older people. As a matter of fact, joint disease is a leading cause of national and global disability.

One of the most common sorts of arthritis is the degenerative joint disease popularly referred to as osteoarthritis. The latter comprises of the degeneration of cartilage; a soft tissue sandwiched between the joints.

Dr. Matthew CiRullo, Family Medicine notes that as the cartilage breaks down and wears, the born rubs against each other leading to pain, stiffness as well as swelling. For an extended period, the joints lose strength, and the pain may persist. Despite being no sure cure, there are various treatment options for managing joint pain and improving the quality of life.

An individual suffering from osteoarthritis may have acquired the illness through various risk factors such as excess weight, family history, previous injury, and age. A patient’s devotion to self-management is key to reducing the scope of the condition’s impact since Osteoarthritis is incurable and degenerative.


Osteo Relief Institute that based in New Jersey uses the latest and state of the art technology in the treatment of Arthritis. For decades, Osteo Relief Institute has specialized in its venture by employing highly skilled and reliable experts in the field of the degenerative disease cure.

Many old people suffering from spine and back pain from New Jersey have received significant assistance from Osteo Relief Institute that provides patients with knee osteoarthritis treatments without surgery. Apart from the medical facilities at the Osteo Relief Institute, the patients are also advised to observe daily routines such as doing some gentle exercise and stretching right before bed, and this makes them feel less stiff in the morning.

Also, the patients are advised to adjust their positions frequently when working, reading or watching. Many thanks to Osteo Relief Institute for offering such kind of assistance that is needed by patients.

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Lip Balm For the Summer

Ooh, summer lovin’!

When you are getting ready to tackle the busy summer, the last thing you want are dry, chapped lips. The lip balm of choice for many is a brand called EOS. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you know which ones I mean. The colorful spheres, made of 100% natural ingredients, are in every checkout lane. Go to this site for more related stories,


Beauty bloggers have been raving for years, and more women find themselves picking out the perfect flavor (or color) to go with their summer mood. Be it Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Mint, or Passion Fruit, there’s the perfect balm for you.

  1. Take Honeysuckle Honeydew. This is a favorite for many, and the lightness of the honeydew is so refreshing after a long, hot summer day. The soothing shea butter and jojoba oil ensure hydrated lips.
  1. Try Strawberry Sorbet. Mmm-mm, doesn’t that name just make you hungry? Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, it’s a perfect way to make your lips feel loved.
  1. Summer Fruit is a great addition to your bag. Made with 95% organic ingredients, EOS is looking after your lips and the environment. Watch for more!


All of the lip balms EOS produces are gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free. They have all their ingredients listed on their website, as well as the product packaging, so no more wondering what exactly your lip balm is made of. Just sit back, relax, and give someone special a kiss with your hydrated lips.

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Jose Henrique Borghi Learns a Lot About Young People from a Survey Conducted by Provokers

Early last year, Provokers announced the results of a survey that was aimed at electing the most influential young people all over Brazil. This sampling was conducted for Mensagem, Meio and Google in a bid to find out the young media personalities who significantly influence the age group from 14-17 years in Brazil. For Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe, the results of the survey helped to explain the taste and preferences of the young people in front of the media.

The study was dubbed as The new influencers: who shine on the screen of young Brazilians. It was conducted between October and November in 2015 and analyzed the opinion of about 1000 young people. One of the findings from the survey showed YouTubers as one of the most listed for various reasons. For Borghi, this result served as an important indication of what the young people want nowadays.

Different interviewees were well-aware that all people ought to enjoy connecting to the Internet and watching television programs. Jose Borghi reiterated this point by citing that the two attributes were common amongst young people. According to the survey, some of the top influential celebrities included comedian Tata Werneck who scored 51.7. DaniloGentilli and actor Paulo Gustavo followed suit with 51.1 and 45.1 points respectively. Other celebrities included Caio Castro, duo Leon and Nilce of Coisa de Nerd and writer KeferaBuchmann and to know more click here.

About Jose Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is popular name in the Brazilian advertising industry. In fact, his company Mullen Lowe Brasil ranks up as one of the leading advertising company’s in Brazil. Jose Borghi is known for creating some top advertising campaigns, which are still popular to date such as Mammals Parmalat. The campaign comprised of children who were dressed like stuffed animals.

Initially, Jose Borghi was not sure of the career path to take. However, attending a performance at the Castro Neves Theater played a huge role in shaping his career journey. Since graduating with a degree in advertising from PUC Campinas, Borghi has worked for numerous ad agencies such as Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB and FCB advertising agency. This was before he teamed up with Erh Ray to form BorghiErh, which later became Mullen Lowe after engaging in an acquisition and merger.

Paul Mampilly Helping The Everyday Man During His “Retirement” Years

Paul Mampilly is the Founder of the company Profits Unlimited. Mampilly started his entire career on Wall Street in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager working at the Bankers Trust. Throughout his career he held advancing positions at various companies including Deutsche Bank and ING where he managed many multi-million dollar accounts. By 2006 he was managing a hedge fund worth $6 billion, and that firm’s assets quickly rose up to being worth much as $25 billion.

Mampilly was then named the manager of one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds as the return on the investor’s money topped 26%. Mampilly has also invested more than $50 million of his own money in various funds and accounts throughout time and has seen that money grow to $88 million over time. Eventually, however, Mampilly tired of earning money for the 1% of the elite and decided to effectively “retire” himself from Wall Street, and focus on doing things that advanced the cause of the common man.


Today, Paul Mampilly is an author working at the Capuchin Consulting firm in Durham, North Carolina. Mampilly now works with budding and starting “entry-level” investors to help them find more options to invest their money in to help them gain a bigger return back on their investments. Mampilly also provides entrepreneurs tools to help them grow their businesses and come up with capital to help them invest in their dreams. It’s doing more for the common, everyday man than the elite’s 1%, which is what Mampilly said he was getting tired of doing after so many years.

Paul Mampilly reports that the reason he chose to go into this field of work is to help the “common, everyday man”, while still using his expertise to continue to help those around him improve their businesses and their lives. Mampilly has been featured on many sites to date including CNBC, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg TV. Mampilly currently has a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that is received by about 60,000 subscribers, and that number is growing all the time as he spreads his knowledge to other budding entrepreneurs helping them recognize their dreams one day at a time.

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OSI’s Acquisitions Expand European Presence and Domestic Operations OSI

     Global meat processing leader OSI Group, LLC has a long history of integrating thes changing needs of their customers into their business’ growth model successfully. The company has come a long way from its early days as being a provider of fresh beef patties to McDonalds in the 1950’s. Today, the firm has 65 processing plants and presence in 17 countries and was featured in Forbes magazine’s top privately owned businesses in 2016, with an annual revenue of $6.1 billion.

OSI’s recent business acquisitions put the food processing giant’s core strengths back into the media’s spotlight.

Baho Foods Acquisition

     During the second half of 2016, the firm acquired Dutch meat manufacturer Baho Foods adding their five subsidiaries and processing plants in Norway and Germany to their holdings as part of the successful international transaction.

     In public statements released by President and Chief Operating Officer David MacDonald, the deal was described as “[giving] OSI a broader presence in Europe” and as“ broadening [their] capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of [their] customers.” The business addition, which will expand OSI’s reach to the 18 separate markets currently served by the Dutch company, fulfills both of Mr. MacDonald’s strategic objectives.

Tyson Food Plant Purchase

     The OSI Group’s high profile purchase of the Tyson Food plant in Aurora, Illinois for $7.4 million in June of last year expands the firm’s manufacturing operations and will enhance its ability to meet the evolving needs of their customers. The company announced that the 200,000 square foot facility was strategically located to OSI’s other plants in Chicago and was part of the business ‘growth plan supporting the organization’s continued expansion.

About OSI

     Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market, OSI Group, LLC is leader in food processing, supplying beef, pork, chicken and seafood products throughout the food industry. The company has manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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Puppies Benefit From Beneful

Beneful believes in and supports the health of every puppy around the world. Purina Beneful even makes dog food that specifically targets young puppies. They believe that any dog breed could benefit from eating food made with Beneful ingredients.On the actual baneful website, you can find instructions and descriptions of different types of puppy foods available in stores and recommendations on how to care for them. Beneful suggests puppies begin nibbling on Beneful Healthy Puppy mix at around 4 weeks old.

At 6 months, puppies should eat as much as they want in intervals throughout the day, while still on the puppy mix. At the 1 year mark, the puppies should slowly transition to Beneful originals adult dog food. They also suggest switching puppy food up in accordance with how they react to it. For example your puppy might like wet dog food vs dry dog food or like a combination of the two.Purina Beneful coupons can often be found online through the actual Beneful website. If you don’t happen to find any from there, a simple google search will usually yield a ton of coupons for a huge variety or stores. All you have to do is print them out and you’re good to go.