Must-See YouTube’s Wengie DIY: Turning Water Into Instant Ice Delight

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In Wengie’s DIY video today, Wengie tries one of her favorite discoveries of all time, turning water into ice instantly and four methods to achieving this. She wants her fans to try it at home, and then tell the world at #wengiecorns.

To get started, you will need several bottles of distilled or purified water. Wengie used spring water, and her experiment still worked fine. Place the bottles in the freezer lying down with a gap between each bottle for about two to three hours.

Take the bottles out of the freezer 15 minutes before the icicles first form inside the bottle.

Wengie’s took around 2.5 hours with a freezer at minus 22 degrees. Every freezer temperature is set differently.

1. Remove your first bottle carefully from the freezer, and don’t shake it around, or the activation will begin too early. Now, take your bottle and just slam it down on the table, and watch the entire contents turn to ice instantly. So cool, Wengie falls down laughing hysterically.

2. Get out another bottle from the freezer. Take a see-through glass jar, and pour in some water. Plunk in an ice cube, and watch the activation occur. Now, you have a jar full of sharp ice crystals. It’s literally magical, Wengie says.

3. Next, pour colored water into a martini glass quickly, and then submerge an ice cube half way into the water, and hold it there. Immediately, ice forms around the cube and stands up frozen in place. Add lemon or lime for a great party drink.

4. Lastly, place some ice cubes at the bottom of a bowl to activate the freezing process. Pour water directly onto the ice, and watch a tall ice tower begin forming. When you’re done, turn this into a snow cone with flavored syrup and some berries. It’s yummy.


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Growth of Businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

When it comes to running a business and being a politician in Venezuela, there is no one better than Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The reason for this is because the Venezuelan Market can be difficult to run a business in, so it is very important to be very knowledgeable about the business industry before doing anything that might compromise someone’s budget. This is what makes Jose Manuel Gonzalez different from all of the other businessmen that he has been working with for years. He truly puts the time and effort into ensuring that his business and politics are being run in an efficient manner so that people can make a benefit from using his services.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has years of experience in the business industry and can continually help those who are looking to start their own businesses as well. This is a professional you can trust when it comes to getting the help and services that you need to get yourself back on top of things. Not only does Jose Manuel Gonzalez have a lot of experience in the business industry, but he also has a lot of education behind him as well since he has gone to school for these types of issues. This is what sets Jose Manuel Gonzalez apart from so many other people out there who are looking to run their own businesses in the Venezuelan Market.

What sets Jose Manuel Gonzalez apart from so many other people who are running a business in Venezuela is that he takes the time and effort into putting into his business to ensure that people are making use of his services in a more efficient manner. Now is the time for you to think about making use of Jose Manuel Gonzalez and his company as well, since this is a wonderful option for anyone who is looking to better themselves and live in Venezuela while also running a successful business to bring in a good income. You can also find Jose Manuel Gonzalez on a variety of social media sites to learn more about what he is like and what he is up to at the current moment for your own benefit.

Helping Inmates and Their Loved Ones In Louisiana

Louisiana is being bombarded with flooding, which has displaced many people and left them unsure about their future. Having a way for people to communicate with their loved ones during this time is very important. It is also important for the inmates in Louisiana to communicate with their friends and family members, and Securus Technologies is making that happen. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has long been providing communication technology for inmates to have with their family members and friends along with the correctional staff and law enforcement officers in the facilities. With the flooding causing devastation in the state of Louisiana, Securus is offering free phone calls for inmates who reside in Louisiana so that they can have better access to their loved ones during this time. Watch more on


 Securus offers communication technology services throughout 45 states in the United States along with other countries such as the Canada and Mexico. They have experienced customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and professional, and are able to resolve any issues regarding technical services that occur. Please click here to learn more about this great company and the many services it has to offer.


When it comes to family members and friends experiencing any sort of crisis, communication is very important for everyone. Securus not only offers communication services for the inmates, but this is a company that also cares.


IAP Worldwide Services: Successfully Conducting Challenging Operations In the Harshest Environments

IAP Worldwide Services is a company counted on to deliver advanced technical services, facilities management and logistics in often demanding situations for military, private and public sector customers. Whether their services are needed on a battlefield or in the aftermath of a natural disaster anywhere in the world, they are there in a flash. They have thousands of employees working in 25 countries solving technical and logistical problems. They are a world leader in their field.

When you are looking for a company to plan, coordinate, manage, operate and maintain a remote research laboratory, civilian facility or military installation, contact IAP Worldwide Services. They have the equipment, technology, expertise, manpower and flexibility to handle any mission no matter how difficult or dangerous. The company has a reputation for exceeding their customers’ expectations. For over 60 years customers have known they can depend on IAP Worldwide Services to get the job done right.

The continued success of the company is a result of their corporate responsibility, leadership, values, ingenuity, equipment and people. The entire company is committed to doing whatever is necessary to help their customers attain their goals. They focus on the mission at hand and have the agility, creativity, flexibility, critical problem solving and expertise to accomplish near impossible feats. The IAP Worldwide team has the capabilities necessary to formulate faster and better ways to handle even the most challenging assignments using their dynamic, systems-based approach.

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IAP: Home
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

A global company that’s dedicated to sustainable readiness, IAP Worldwide Services was created from the combination of several pioneering companies. It started in 1953 with Pan Am World Services, the company which built and operated the first space launch complex in America at Cape Canaveral, Florida. In 1989, Pan Am Services was purchased by Johnson Controls. Together they became Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, a worldwide leader in the maintenance, management and operation of commercial facilities and military bases. When specialized procurement and logistics company IAP acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services in 2005, they formed IAP Worldwide Services.

Today IAP Worldwide is known for their unsurpassed engineering services, construction management, airport master planning and more. They also devise innovative ways to improve energy efficiency by automating security, fire, and environmental control at the facilities at which they work. The company employs more than 1,600 employees and successfully conduct operations in over 110 locations no matter how harsh the environment or challenging the location.

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Sanjay Shah Has Son With Autism, Fights Back With Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah

Businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah was born in London in 1970, the child of Kenyan immigrants. Sanjay Shah Denmark attended King’s College studying medicine before realizing his niche was in business. He did his time at 9-to-5 desk jobs for top banking firms such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley until 2009 when he started his own brokerage business. Five years later, his net worth exceeded $280 million and his company, Solo Capital, had offices in London and Dubai, where Shah moved his family so that he could devote time and money to philanthropic ventures.


The Diagnosis

In 2011, his two-year-old son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. Like many autism parents, Shah’s first instinct was to support the autism community and learn what he could about how to cope with autism. He had the rare luxury of being able to afford therapy that would help Nikhil develop more quickly, but a visit to the Dubai Autism Center showed Shah and his family how dire was the case for many other families. Nikhil himself would have been on a five-year waiting list for his therapy if Shah had not been able to pay. He grew concerned that other families who could not afford therapy would not see their children develop, so he approached the Dubai Autism Center asking them what he could do.


Autism Rocks

After purchasing new minibuses for the DAC, Shah saw an opportunity to make an even bigger difference. After coordinating with Done Events, a Dubai-based event organizer, he held a charity jazz concert attended by a few thousand guests. Soon after, Done Events put him in touch with Prince, and Autism Rocks was born. Founded in 2014, Autism Rocks is an annual charity concert event to raise awareness of autism, and has already raised over£600,000 for autism research and besides Prince, has also featured artists like Michael Buble, Lenny Kravitz and Drake.



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ClassDojo Brings Positive Change for Parents, Teachers and Students

It sometimes takes a creative mind that thinks outside of the box to succeed these days. This has been the case for Sam Chaudhary and his new education tech startup company. He originally visited Palo Alto in 2011 to get his new venture moving in the right direction. However, he was not quite sure what this startup would look like. After initially touching base with teachers to help shape his startup, his team came to the conclusion that they wanted something that would alleviate the worst part of teaching. It is five years later now, and the project has taken the form of a startup that is taking Silicon Valley by storm – ClassDojo.


This app can be used on both iPhones and Android devices and it works very much like a social media site. ClassDojo allows parents to see the work that their kids submit via uploaded photos and videos from teachers. So far, millions of people are using this application, which puts it off to a very strong start. The massive user base also explains why so many people are now interested in how ClassDojo has been able to effectively engage so many people.


Unlike some other popular apps, ClassDojo sounds pretty basic – Teachers, parents and students are all interconnected to the work that students do in school, but the app is changing the experience of educating for lots of teachers. About 2 in 3 of schools use this app in the United States. It is also being used in around 180 countries around the world. Essentially, ClassDojo is about educational empowerment. The end result is the creation of a positive atmosphere for classes and schools.


There is no doubt that social sites and apps will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. It makes sense, then, that ClassDojo has become such a hit. It encapsulates all of the aspects of social media that people enjoy, while putting a solid emphasis on education and improving the educational experience for teachers, parents and students. By creating community via an app, Chaudhary has managed to create a breakthrough educational app that has proven to create the kind of ground-up change that the educational sector has been in need of for quite some time. In a world that seems to be filled with so many apps that very few stand out from the pack, Class Dojo has managed to both stand out and to help create positive change in the world of education.


Fashion or budget? With JustFab and Fabletics you don’t have to choose

Do you love to keep up with fashion trends in footwear but hate how expensive that habit can get? Then JustFab is the perfect option for you. You’ve probably seen the eye-catching JustFab commercials on Instagram that highlight the amazing shoes and the membership option where you get shoes delivered every month, hand picked just for you. Even if you’re not into the idea of a regular delivery of shoes (but seriously, doesn’t that sound amazing?), prices are still very reasonable without the membership.

Not only does JustFab have fantastic shoes but they also sell handbags, jewelry and clothing at Though the site is very much on trend, there are also very classic looks in each shopping category. The site does a good job of showing models with various body types to help highlight that their clothes will look good on real women. JustFab thinks about the different types of customers that will want to purchase their looks and provides sizing from XS-XXL. Between their clothing, shoes and accessories you can create fashion-forward, wallet-friendly looks with Fabletics.

If you love the idea of JustFab, but you’re the type of person who spends more time in the gym than anywhere else, then you will love Fabletics. The newest offering from JustFab and Kate Hudson provide great-looking workout wear that easily transitions from gym to daily life. Similar to JustFab you can purchase items on their own or enroll in the monthly program. With enrollment in the VIP Program of Fabletics, not only do you get your first outfit for $25, but you will then be shipped a complete look each month.

Shopping is fun, but life is busy. Monthly, affordable shipments of items that fit your style is a fantastic option. JustFab and Fabletics will allow you to keep up with fun, fresh and trendy looks without breaking the bank. Who does love that?

Some People Know How To Deliver Online Reputation Management Easily

People like Darius Fisher has learned how to deliver online reputation management better than anyone else, and he is one of the best as noted by the award he just received for PR work. His PR work is something that has changed lives, but it does not happen without the help of his team. He has a large team of people who help him to deliver online reputation management to his clients, and he uses a plan that he has seen work a lot of times.

He keeps his plans consistent for all his clients because he wants them to be able to get help that is easy to understand.

Darius Fisher will start with the response which is just like what anyone else in PR would do, and he will make sure that he responds in a way that is very strong. He knows that it is very easy to start to turn around the reputation of a client if he is consistent in the application of his plans, and he also knows that it would be a lot easier for him to feel like he has changed lives with his plan.

The lives that he is changing are really remarkable because they are companies and people who get to start over with a more positive reputation. He wants to show people that there is a way to get results with some positive content, and he wants to learn about his clients before he produces positive content. His plan for every client uses their own information, and he asks them to pitch in so they can be a part of the process.

Darius Fisher has won awards for his PR work many times, and his formula is the reason why. He believes in making sure that people get their reputations back. He also believes Status Labs moves faster than any other company.

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Avi Weisfogel Believes Life Is A Work In Progress

Avi Weisfogel is a successful medical professional that believes life is a work in progress. The dedicated dentist truly believes that we are here to learn and grow emotionally and spiritually. Avi Weisfogel believes that we were placed here for a purpose. He believes his ultimate purpose is to help improve the quality of life for others through his profession and philanthropy. The founder of the New Jersey based Old Bridge Dental Care practice is exploring numerous ways to help improve the quality of life for others in his community and in distant lands. Today, he is exploring the misunderstood world of sleep apnea and working with other medical professionals to establish sleep apnea labs.

Avi Weisfogel Loves Facebook
Facebook is a very popular social networking site that has been around for several years. Avi Weisfogel loves Facebook because it is a very easy way for him to connect with friends across the world. One of his many missions is to bring light to the charities that he is connected with online and on his GoFundMe page. He lives a very busy life. Often, he does not have the time to simply relax and chat with friends. However, the Facebook platform provides a way for Weisfogel to keep his friends and followers up on his current activities.

Around The World Charity Work
Avi Weisfogel is a dentist located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He’s one man that is always up for a challenge. This might refer to a patient or a charity. First, it is important to note that Weisfogel is a family man and has several children. Therefore, he has a special place in his heart for children that really need medical and dental care. Often, these children are in poverty and do not have access to good dental or medical care. Weisfogel has joined with Operation Smile to support them in their charity efforts to raise money for kids and young teens who are having problems with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities.

Videos by Weisfogel
Perhaps, you are one of the few that did not realize that Avi Weisfogel had several videos on sites like YouTube. Visit the site to learn more about Weisfogel.

Keith Mann Is Elite In Fundraising

Keith Mann recently held a fundraiser that was astounding for the city of New York. The fundraiser was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. There were thousands of people there. In fact, the total amount of money raised was over 20 thousand dollars. Even better, every single dollar goes to Uncommon Schools of New York.

The Uncommon Schools of New York is an organization that help all young children learn specific skills. These skills can be used now, and they can also use these skills as they continue in their life. Some of these skills can be used as trade. These include ways to save money and balance accounts. Moreover, students can also learn to think better and use their minds to totally accomplish problem solving, both abstract and actual problems.

Keith Mann is the executive of the Dynamics Search Partners. Keith has been involved with this company for the last 15 years. Keith was the chief officer when it came to hiring individuals and investments. After just a few years, Keith Mann was able to start his own alternative firm, which has been created for investing and fundraising. Keith has helped people in almost every country.

One thing that Keith Mann believes in, along with the Dynamics Search Partners, is children getting a good education. Furthermore, Keith believes in children receiving knowledge that they will use today and forever more. That is why he was so willing to take on this fundraising opportunity.

Many young people have spoken up on this issue. They are so happy to see something positive coming to New York, as a new school is being built in New York as wee speak. Many students spoke of how the world is getting worse every single day, and how it’s very rare to see someone doing something positive.