Tim Armour Supports Warren Buffet’s Strategy On Investment

Warren Buffet is the third richest man on the planet, after Bill Gates and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. To get to the point that he has, and as an investor in the traditional business platforms must have taken a lot of planning and strategies. Warren has been giving a lot of selfless advice on the investment vehicles that work, and the latest wisdom nugget is that S&P 500 passive Index could be more beneficial than hedge funds. He made a bet that he would invest in the platform and according to the current market statistics, he is on to something.

Timothy Armour, the Principal Executive at the Capital Research and Management Company, has seconded this opinion by Warren Buffet. He states that he has been doing his research about these hedge funds and that they are not doing as well as they should in helping people create healthy and active investment portfolios. When Tim compared the cost of investing in a hedge fund to the potential returns, he concluded that the cost is too high, compared to the potential returns. He discourages people from adopting certain investment options because ‘everyone is doing it,’ arguing that the hedge funds are taking advantage of this mentality.

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About Tim Armour
Timothy D Armour is the Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research Management. He has more than 20 years of experience in investment and is one of the most trusted financial advisors. He is a graduate of the Middlebury College of Economics and a very inspirational businessman.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Career Background as a Human Rights Activist and Film Producer

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen is a Venezuelan film producer and advocates for human rights. He has been involved with civil liberties, public policy and individual rights, and public interest advocacy throughout his professional career.Thor has also been featured in TV shows broadcasted on BBC News, Assal-Jazeera, Fox News Channel, and CNN. His activism and political insights have also been published in several magazines. These include The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Democracy and Human Rights Advocacy

As a human rights activist, Thor focuses on abolishing slavery, threats to democracy and human trafficking. Several institutions have hosted him as a guest speaker on human rights. These institutions include Harvard Law School, the United Nations Association in New York, and the New York City Junto. Thor was also honored to be a key speaker at the British parliament.

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen has been actively involved with the Human Rights Foundation. Founded in 2005, the Human Rights Foundation is a New York-based center that focuses on human rights and democracy advocacy. Thor is one of the founders of the organization. The organization was founded with an objective of fostering freedom from tyranny and freedom of self-determination.Besides Thor Halvorssen, the institution is empowered by democracy activists such as Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. Thor enlisted the Human Rights Foundation in advocating for the release of Liu Xiabo. Liu is a Chinese political prisoner who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his activism.

Film Production

Thor is currently working on an adaptation film. It focuses on the tales narrated in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, a novel written by Robert Heinlein. The science fiction novel was met with several positive reviews since Robert released it. Thor enlisted Bryan Singer as the director of the adaptation film. Thor was also acknowledged as a producer of a movie known as Freedom’s Fury. Andrew Vajina, Quentin Tarantino, and Lucy Liu executively produced this movie. It focuses on the dictatorship that was prevalent in Hungary back in 1956.

Mike Baur Helps The Swiss Startup Factory Succeed

The business world has many ways to reach customers and potential customers today. One of the most popular is the Internet. The popularity of the Internet along with the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades have made online activities a daily part of the lives of people around the world. People go online to do a wide range of things such as paying bills, attending classes, viewing movies, listening to music, and a variety of other things.


The Internet provides people with an opportunity to go into a digital world that offers many of the same things that the brick and mortar world provides. However, many people enjoy the Internet because it allows them to do many of the things that they have to do without physically having to go out to complete the tasks. One of the things the Internet provides that has changed the look of the business world is allowing people to purchase products and services online.


With the ability to purchase online, people are able to shop at home using their computer, smartphone, or other technology device. The process is generally simple and quick. The technology behind online purchasing has become very good over the past few decades, and the technology behind online ordering has improved tremendously. This combination has made online purchasing a billion dollar industry that continues to grow on a yearly basis.


With the popularity of the Internet and online purchasing, many business people have started companies that focus on digital operations. The term digital entrepreneurs has been used a lot to describe these business people. A company that helps digital entrepreneurs to start digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. One of the partners of the Swiss Startup Factory is Mike Baur. He has helped to make the Swiss Startup Factory one of the best startup companies in Switzerland.


Mike Baur provides tremendous executive leadership at the Swiss Startup Factory. Also, Mike Baur is an integral part of the daily operations regarding the Swiss Startup Factory. He helps the company create training programs for clients, he helps provide consulting services, and he helps with mentorship programs. Mike Baur is able to help in a variety of aspects regarding the Swiss Startup Factory because he has a business background that covers numerous areas of business.


Mike Baur has over 20 years of experience that allows him to bring expertise to the Swiss Startup Factory. His expertise is valuable to the company as well as its clients.



5 Steps To Getting Your Online Reputation Right

It is important for businesses to have an excellent reputation online to be successful and enjoy the loyalty of its clients. Negative comments or information about the company online these days can lead to existing customers going to your competitors, and potential customers the following suit. As per the World Economic Forum, more than 25 percent of the company’s market value is directly linked to its market reputation; much of it comes from the online marketing these days.

Over 45 percent of the people are influenced by the negative reviews and comments they read about the company or its products and services online, which can lead to drastic fall in sales and revenue. Customers have a voice, and it is heard these days, and rightly so. However, an enterprise can take steps to protect itself from negative online reputation.

Online Monitoring Tools

The online monitoring tools for reputation management, such as “Me on the Web” and “Ice Rocket” can help you monitor what’s being said about you, your business, products, and services online. So, whenever people are mentioning yours or your company’s name online, you get an alert. It allows you to put forward your case or take corrective measures to satisfy the disgruntled customer.

Higher Ranking

One of the preferred ways to suppress negative information or comments about your business is to ensure that you rank on the top page of the search engine rankings. When you are sitting on the top of the SERPs, it is less likely that the negative comments or views of a fraction of the customers get any attention. You can do this through search engine and social media marketing campaign.

Social Media

Social media platforms are highly useful in building an audience, engaging the target audience and creative a positive rapport and reputation with and among the target audience constructively. Make sure that you are active on your social media accounts and respond quickly while adding useful and targeted content regularly on your social media pages/interface.

Listen & Be Graceful

When you receive negative comments, take feedback seriously and implement it. Make sure that you respond to the customers who put a negative review and try to amend it and repair the broken trust. It is a useful chance you get to build your reputation.

Accept Your Mistake

Lastly, admit your mistakes when you commit an error. People do understand that you are a human being as well and so are your employees; silly human errors can be overshadowed by right intentions.


Sawyer Howitt Making Strides In His Family Company

Sawyer Howitt is may be the youngest employee at Meriwether Group, but if the high-school senior is anything like his father, he’s bound to be a success in the business world. As the son of Meriwether Group founder, David Howitt, Sawyer has a strong insight into how running a company works.

Meriwether Group is a small; Oregon based company, which specializes in business consulting. With David Howitt as the CEO, he assembled a team of experts to help new entrepreneurs with their business ventures. No matter what type of venture a person wants to create, Meriwether Group offers a variety of services for their clients. Through their work, Meriwether assists clients with brand building, financing, strategic planning, creating content, and business expansion.

Thanks to the twenty years of entrepreneurial skills from David Howitt, he’s helping those up and coming businesses market their brands. With David’s son, Sawyer now working for the family company, the Howitt business skills will continue to flourish as Meriwether Group cements its status as a top consulting firm.


Adam Milstein: Christianity and Judaism Relationship

Adam Milstein is one of the most respected Israeli-American philanthropists in the world. The successful entrepreneur was born in Israel, but he relocated to the US several years ago. At the moment, Adam is the chairman of the renowned Israeli-American Council. He is also the president and founder of a charitable organization known as the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation has done a lot to change the lives of Israeli citizens.

Adam Milstein is the author of several publications. In one of his books, the businessman talks about the history of Christianity and Judaism in his home country, Israel. According to the publication, the two religions are founded on the same family tree. Believers of the religions have built their teachings on Jesus Christ. They both believe in Jesus Christ, a respected Jew who was living in the country many years ago.

The two communities also share the teachings found in the Old Testament. They believe that the human life has infinite value, and it should be respected. The Jews and Christians, however, have had many differences for years, despite these similarities. Although they have lived in the same country for very many years, they have a history of a lot of conflicts, prejudice, persecution and tragedies.

In the past, most of the Christians living in Israel rejected the Jews. According to Adam Milstein publications, the Christians have always believed that the Jews killed their Savior, Jesus Christ. The Jews living in the country were always subjected to restrictions, prejudicial violence, and other problems. The Jews were not allowed to settle in the areas occupied by the Christians too.

The communities have, however, experienced a lot of changes in the twentieth century. The Jewish-Christian relationship seems to be better. The change has been influenced by churches and their leaders who have decided to stay away from the traditional theologies that encouraged the hostility. The churches urged their congregants to acknowledge the past faith, and all the wrong doings they had subjected the Jews to. The official church doctrine that allowed anti-Semitism was also renounced by the Christians. Most of the Christians living in the country have also accepted the Jews, and they live together in harmony.



The Involvement of Eric Lefkofsky in Tempus

Tempus was created to help physicians across the world better study patient data. Through the use of studying genomic data, Tempus is helping the entire medical community evolve. Aiming to innovate the way that cancer is treated, Tempus goes into an in-depth analysis of the genetic code of each patient. Using genetic information for molecular therapies is helping to revolutionize modern cancer research. There are many types and stages of cancer which makes selecting a non-customized approach to treating this illness largely ineffective. Tempus offers physicians information based on genomic data in an algorithm designed to personalize treatment options for patients. Innovations in data management have revolutionized how businesses operate. Tempus aims to ensure that data will be used to help eradicate cancer for good, thanks to the help of Eric Lefofsky.


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Eric Lefofsky is the CEO and an co-founder of Tempus. Stepping down from his position as the CEO of wildly popular shopping website Groupon, Lefofsky vowed to change how cancer research is done. Through his vision of creating a database of genomic information from cancer patients, he hopes to create a wealth of data that can be used to fight cancer aggressively. Eric Lefofsky hopes to see hospitals all around the world working with Tempus to help grow this database of genomic information. Lefofsky has already cemented his legacy as a hero within the community of cancer research through various donations. However, with Tempus, Eric Lefofsky is doing more than donating, he is creating a revolutionary way to potentially put an end to cancer.


The combination of Eric Lefofsky’s amazing mind for business and the impact of the technology used to create Tempus has far-reaching impacts. We could soon see the end of cancer’s devastation on lives. This company is starting to revolutionize the entire medical field and it isn’t even a year old. The future of cancer treatment is looking brighter than it has in ages. Eric Lefofsky’s vast charitable contributions to advancing cancer research is astounding but Tempus hopes to finish what those donations helped to set in motion, ending cancer.

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The Merger of Tech and Fashion to Produce Innovative Designs

In the 70s, the boom box was quite popular since it allowed people to carry their favorite stations and tunes with them. In the 80s, it was added to popular movies of the era, which caused its popularity to rise. In the 90s, it was replaced by the Walkman, which provided a more personal music experience. A decade later, the iPod replaced the Walkman by offering an even smaller personalized music experience. It has proven that the popularity of technology changes with fashion.


Even today, the synthesis of technology and fashion continues. Fashion designers love creating practical designs, and they see a lot of potential with technology. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a famous Dutch fashion designer, technology is a place to experiment that has endless possibilities. Among her inventions are a self-painting dress and a DareDroid.


Some designers have created a protective neckwear that does not require the wearer to put on a helmet. In an accident, an airbag pops out to protect the wearer. Another safety invention is Frontline Gloves, which allow firefighters to signal to each other during an emergency or when they are putting out a fire.


Designers are also utilizing recycled materials to create fabulous pieces. One designer has been using recycled inner tubes to create clothing pieces while another has used radiator copper to create a gown. The use of technology and fashion to generate energy has also been tested. Another fashion designer is working on a prototype that will allow the use of shoes to produce energy for charging phones.


Sometimes, technology requires the help of fashion to become popular. For instance, Google Glass did not catch on quite as expected. The reason for this is that wearing glasses is not considered trendy in society. However, Devon Von Furstenberg came to the rescue. Models wore these glasses on her catwalk to boost their popularity.


About Chris Burch


CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, has over forty years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has helped to popularize many luxury and tech brands. He began enjoying entrepreneurial success quite early. In 1976, while still a student at Ithaca College, he and his brother started an apparel company. By the time he sold it to Swire Group, it was worth $165 million.


Mr. Burch is an avid investor in real estate ventures both internationally and at home. His most recent investment in real estate was the acquisition of a luxury resort called Nihiwatu. He renovated the property, located on the Island of Sumba, Indonesia, thereby increasing its value. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in the launch of her lifestyle brand. Besides work, he is also quite philanthropic. He has contributed to charitable initiatives such as The Henry Street Settlement and the Child Welfare League of China.


A Brief Look At Food Processing Company, OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing, distribution and manufacturing company. They are headquartered in Aurora, Illinois which is in the Chicago metro area. The company was originally founded in 1909 as a family owned and operated meat packing and slaughtering business.

Today, OSI Group is among the top 100 private businesses in terms of annual revenue per year, according to Forbes Magazine. OSI now has meat packing, food processing and manufacturing overseas as well. China, the United Kingdom and Germany are now home to OSI Group subsidiaries, plants and business offices.

The OSI Group can provide custom food solutions. This can include providing customized food packing solutions and the use of preservatives to enhance the shelf life of food products. OSI Group is also involved in food research and development to create better food products for customers and businesses. For restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets OSI can also help fulfill food supply chains. This can involve supplying, delivering and storing produce, meat and ready made products for consumers.

Food process engineering is also done at OSI Group. This involves using state of the art technology to improve the food processing and manufacturing process. For example, advances in engineering can help packaged foods to be better marked, tagged and ultimately tracked. This can lead to better and more effective distribution of food items. The OSI Group is at the front in leading advances in food process engineering and quality assurance procedures.

Many foods are processed and manufactured at OSI Group facilities. Ready made food products such as chicken nuggets, salamis, soups, salsas, tofu and patties are made by the company. Raw foods such as ground meats, steaks, burgers, ribs and cuts of meat are also processed by the company. The company also creates items such as breads, dough and crusts for ise by sandwich shops and pizzerias.

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Dr. Clay Siegall is known for helping cancer patients, around the world.

Seattle Genetics is grabbing focus, in the arena of investigative cancer treatment research. Seattle Genetics’s company CEO, Clay Siegall, is also the President. Dr. Siegall, co-founded the establishment in 1998. Siegall’s other duty, falls under the responsibility, of the chairman of the board committee. Dr. Siegall is well-known for his profound zeal for helping to advance the lives of citizens, who go through cancer, from the beginning of his career into biomedical investigation. Dr. Siegall is celebrated by his colleagues, as a diligent and committed worker, who has directed the foundation, to a large quantity of treatment advances, in the arena of cancer treatment investigation, as well as, radical treatments for cancer patients.

Dr. Siegall accomplished his Ph.D., from the esteemed George Washington University, where he majored in the arena of Genetics, he accrued a quantity of occupation accomplishments. When Dr. Siegall began as a Senior Researcher, he labored at the Pharmaceutical Investigate Institute, owned by the renowned Bristol-Myers. He quickly accomplished a promotion to the role of Foremost Scientist, until proceeding to the role of Staff Fellow, in addition to, becoming Biotechnology Fellow, both of which, he earned at the National Cancer Organization. These advances in his career, backed his interest to establish his own corporation, Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics’s stock values have fundamentally tripled in revenue, in only a 5 year span of time.

Dr. Siegall is well-known for his commitment to cancer research, making use of only up to date, advanced techniques. Seattle Genetics, created antibody-drug conjugates, earning them the FDA’s endorsement in 2011. With Seattle Genetics expansion, they can now help out cancer survivors, all overt the world. Dr. Siegall is distinguished, for his raising for Seattle Genetics, a surplus of $1.2 billion, from both public and private support. These new profits helped to establish new advances for helping cancer survivors, with purchasing cutting-edge equipment.

In 2013, Dr. Siegall, was honored with Alumnus of the Year, for Math and Natural Sciences, from the College of Maryland. Dr. Siegall has also contributed, to the scientific arena, by publishing new treatments for cancer survivors.