Brad Reifler: A Champion For Middle Class Investors

Middle-class investors have often felt overshadowed by hedge fund managers, brokerage firms, and large financial institutions. The main reason being that middle-class investors are unable to invest in the same opportunities as the organizations and individuals as mentioned earlier.

For the past 32 years, the SEC has implemented rules that specify income and net worth requirements to be able to have full access to all the investment opportunities in the United States. Brad Reifler, a renowned hedge fund manager and CEO of Forefront Capital, has felt these limitations first hand.

His first experience with the limitations of individual investing was when he invested in a college savings plan for his children. The savings plan was a 529 SEC-certified savings plan that should have helped him grow a sizable college fund. Instead, when it was time for Reifler to use the money he had put into the fund, he realized he had lost money.

In response to what Reifler saw as an injustice to middle-class individuals, he founded Forefront Capital in 2008. The firm’s primary focus is helping regular middle-class families and individuals invest in opportunities that would typical not be available to then. He has started several initiatives withing the firm, with his most popular being an initiative that encourages middle-class individuals to start investing by minimizing their risks

Reifler has been interested in the finance world since his graduation from Bowdoin College, in May of 1981. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Ray E. Friedman, the founder of Refco,  The company was so successful that it was bought by Refco, an investment firm that had around $75 billion in assets before closing in 2005.

Reifler went on to found several other investment firms and is currently the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory. He founded the firm in 2008 and grew the company into several different subsidiaries. He is an expert in combining securities and credit research with industry knowledge to provide a superior investment package. In his former companies, his primary role was to educate his employees on using research information to make the best package possible.

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