Learn About Cone Marshall And What One Of Its Founders Had To Say

The XRepublic published an article about Cone Marshall. Not only that, but one of the founders of the law firm wrote a piece for the NZ Herald. Here is more information about what was in both those articles.


According to the article in the XRepublic, Cone Marshall is a law firm that was founded by Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. It’s based in New Zealand and it was established in 1999. It’s considered to be the only law firm in the country that specializes in tax trust, as well as tax trust management. They also offer trustee and tax confidence services to a number of affiliated organizations.


Karen and Cone have a vast amount of experience in the law field. Karen worked for a reputable law firm prior to co-founding Cone Marshall. She held a position in the firm’s commercial litigation department. In 2005, she joined Cone Marshall, where she was offered a Principal position.


Before joining Cone Marshall, Geoffrey Cone worked in Britain, at a leading law firm. He decided to move to Auckland and launch his own law firm. Since he started practicing law, he has been offering a number of services, including international tax, trustee and trust management and trust planning.


Geoffrey Cone’s Piece In The NZ Herald

A few years ago, Geoffrey responded to a feature on foreign trusts. He wrote a piece for the New Zealand Herald. He discussed how the media made it look like New Zealand trusts involved wealthy folk, exotic lands and a bunch of complex financial deals. He added that things were more mundane, which is usually the case with anything that involves tax.


He said that NZ was not a tax haven and the country has never been featured on the list that the OECD maintains. The list he was referring to is the list of tax havens around the globe. Geoffrey added that the chances are the country will never be featured on the list. He pointed out that tax havens tend to have no or nominal taxes and there is not a lot of transparency and there are laws that inhibits governments from sharing information.


Geoffrey pointed out that NZ is a leader in tax transparency, when it comes to handling foreign trusts. He said the same goes for the requirements that the trustees must meet.