Mr. Sam Boraie, Construction Pioneer in New Brunswick

Brighten the corner where you are. This was what exactly Mr. Sam Boraie, an ambitious real estate developer from New Brunswick did. His idea to become a real estate developer originated not only when he found his talent in the process of buying a house, but also he learned that business in New Brunswick was blooming and he wanted to be part of it. Mr. Omar Boraie presides over Boraie Development LLC., a real estate developer. Mr. Boraie holds an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Egypt.

Mr. Boraie frequents New York City and has seen the serene surroundings adorned by splendid high skyscrapers, luxury condominiums and phase lifting apartments. Sight-seeing helped shape his vision for New Brunswick many years to come. Between 1980 and 1990 the vision Mr. Boraie perceived many years ago vision of transforming the landscape of New Brunswick came to fruition. His first project was the construction of Albany Street Plaza Tower One that provided Class A office space of 250,000 square feet to accommodate businesses locating in the city. By 2003 he had completed Tower Two bringing additional Class A office space an immense boost for the city. The Albany Street Plaza Towers construction marked his first project in the town.

According to WSJ, he decided to give downtown New Brunswick a phase lift with a top flight residential unit identical as one spring street condominium building he saw in New York City. Consequently, Mr. Boraie constructed a 25-story building housing 121 residential units, and 40,000 square feet of office space and a 400 space parking garage adjoining a 10,000 square feet of the retail complex. “People thought my dad was nuts to build this New York-style high-rise condo in downtown New Brunswick,” remarks Wasseem Boraie, the vice president of the company.

The Aspire project is another hallmark of Mr. Boraie’s accomplishments. It consisted of 17-story, 370,000 square feet building with 238 residential units, a retail space of 10,000 square feet, and 4-story parking garage. The Aspire project is yet another construction Mr. Boraie used to market an additional segment of people coming to work and resides in New Brunswick. Visit State Theatre New Jersey for more details about the organization.

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