Should George Soros’ support for Clinton scare Trump?

Ever since 2004, George Soros had stayed silent about the matter of politics on Biography. Back then, he funded the campaign of Bush’s opponent, just to make sure that the former US president didn’t clinch the seat. His efforts were, however, futile, and he went ahead to stay low on political matters. This was until the 2016 elections, when he reemerged. This time, he was the leading funder of the campaign trail of the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton. While George Soros spent an unprecedented $27 million in 2004 on campaigns, the billionaire seems to have a renewed zeal that will make him spend more than that. As at now, the Federal Election Commission confirms that Soros has already
donated and pledged over $25 million.

While there is still a long way to go to the elections, those close to him state that Soros will definitely spend over $30 million on the Democratic Party on His support for Clinton is unshakable. What may have triggered this? In 2008, Soros indicated that he regretted supporting Barack Obama’s nomination as the leader of the Democrats. He stated that he should have supported Clinton. 2016 has presented him with an opportunity to make his wrongs right. Furthermore, Soros has enjoyed over 25 years of friendship with Clinton. Finally, George Soros has never seemed to agree with what the Republican’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, stands for. Ideologies such as the immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms, have seen them defer. In fact, Soros was once quoted comparing the way Trump treats his workers to how ISIS runs its activities.

George Soros is not the only one donating towards Clinton’s presidential race. He has teamed up with other billionaires, including Don Sussman, Tom Seyer, and Fred Eychaner, to contribute towards the course. However, Soros still remains to be the biggest donor. Michael Vachon is the official political advisor of Soros. He confesses that he has noticed Soros’ renewed vigor in matters of politics. According to Vachon at, the investor has even donated $2 million to America Votes, a mobilization group that works to mobilize people to vote.

About George Soros
The number of people that can match Soros’ philanthropic work is negligible. The billionaire investor has, in the last 35 or so years, donated over $7 billion to charity. The cash has gone to forums such as politics, and other courses, especially those who unwillingly face discrimination. Drug users, LGBTI people, and sex workers, have been the major beneficiaries of these donations.

His soft spot for the helpless can be attributed to his life experience. Soros was born in Hungary, but didn’t grow up there due to the Nazi occupation, which he managed to flee. He left Budapest in the midst of the occupation, and moved to London, where he worked as a part-time waiter in a nightclub so that he could raise his school fees. After graduating with a degree in economics, he moved to the US, where he entered the finance world, investing in risky trades. It is these trades that earned him a fortune.

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