The Merger of Tech and Fashion to Produce Innovative Designs

In the 70s, the boom box was quite popular since it allowed people to carry their favorite stations and tunes with them. In the 80s, it was added to popular movies of the era, which caused its popularity to rise. In the 90s, it was replaced by the Walkman, which provided a more personal music experience. A decade later, the iPod replaced the Walkman by offering an even smaller personalized music experience. It has proven that the popularity of technology changes with fashion.


Even today, the synthesis of technology and fashion continues. Fashion designers love creating practical designs, and they see a lot of potential with technology. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a famous Dutch fashion designer, technology is a place to experiment that has endless possibilities. Among her inventions are a self-painting dress and a DareDroid.


Some designers have created a protective neckwear that does not require the wearer to put on a helmet. In an accident, an airbag pops out to protect the wearer. Another safety invention is Frontline Gloves, which allow firefighters to signal to each other during an emergency or when they are putting out a fire.


Designers are also utilizing recycled materials to create fabulous pieces. One designer has been using recycled inner tubes to create clothing pieces while another has used radiator copper to create a gown. The use of technology and fashion to generate energy has also been tested. Another fashion designer is working on a prototype that will allow the use of shoes to produce energy for charging phones.


Sometimes, technology requires the help of fashion to become popular. For instance, Google Glass did not catch on quite as expected. The reason for this is that wearing glasses is not considered trendy in society. However, Devon Von Furstenberg came to the rescue. Models wore these glasses on her catwalk to boost their popularity.


About Chris Burch


CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch, has over forty years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has helped to popularize many luxury and tech brands. He began enjoying entrepreneurial success quite early. In 1976, while still a student at Ithaca College, he and his brother started an apparel company. By the time he sold it to Swire Group, it was worth $165 million.


Mr. Burch is an avid investor in real estate ventures both internationally and at home. His most recent investment in real estate was the acquisition of a luxury resort called Nihiwatu. He renovated the property, located on the Island of Sumba, Indonesia, thereby increasing its value. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in the launch of her lifestyle brand. Besides work, he is also quite philanthropic. He has contributed to charitable initiatives such as The Henry Street Settlement and the Child Welfare League of China.