Sawyer Howitt Making Strides In His Family Company

Sawyer Howitt is may be the youngest employee at Meriwether Group, but if the high-school senior is anything like his father, he’s bound to be a success in the business world. As the son of Meriwether Group founder, David Howitt, Sawyer has a strong insight into how running a company works.

Meriwether Group is a small; Oregon based company, which specializes in business consulting. With David Howitt as the CEO, he assembled a team of experts to help new entrepreneurs with their business ventures. No matter what type of venture a person wants to create, Meriwether Group offers a variety of services for their clients. Through their work, Meriwether assists clients with brand building, financing, strategic planning, creating content, and business expansion.

Thanks to the twenty years of entrepreneurial skills from David Howitt, he’s helping those up and coming businesses market their brands. With David’s son, Sawyer now working for the family company, the Howitt business skills will continue to flourish as Meriwether Group cements its status as a top consulting firm.