Jason Hope – A Self-Proclaimed Futurist and a Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has been the advocate of the new age technology for years and has helped propagate the importance and use of the Internet of Things technology. As a self-proclaimed futurist, Jason Hope believes in the power of technology and feels that the smart technology utilized by the millions of people today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology.

The Internet of Things technology would connect different devices and make them work in coordination with each other as per the pre-set users’ instructions. It would make finishing tasks much easier, and get the job done on time, every time. The application of the Internet of Things technology in the corporate sector and the industry can also be massive as it can help with cost-cutting and also aid with waste management. The utilization of resources would become optimal with the use of Internet of Things technology.

Jason Hope is excited about the fact that the aviation industry has also started to adopt the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would help the engineers know in real-time if there are any damages in the engine or if any repair work is needed. It would ensure that the engineering team is ready as soon as the plane lands. The technicians would not have to spend a lot of time finding where the problem is because the IoT technology would pinpoint where exactly the damage is and the repair is needed.

Jason Hope believes in giving back to the society and is associated with numerous charitable organizations. One of the research foundations to which Jason Hope donates to is the SENS Research Foundation. Jason Hope believes that through active research on a molecular level, the process of aging can be stopped and even reversed, which is one of the areas SENS Research Foundation is working on.


What Companies can do to Combat Negative Internet Media Reports

There is nothing as shocking as having a business that is doing well suddenly having gossip, encouraged by jealousy and other emotions, start causing damage to your reputation.

Unfortunately, people often believe what they see in print without taking the time to investigate and determine if damaging statements are true. Staying quiet when this kind of damage is being done is a huge mistake. It is important to take immediate action to stop this before it gets out of control and seriously affects your reputation and business.

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is trying to fight back with the same type of language and actions that people trying to harm you are using. Ignore them and, by action and commitment, prove that you are the same reliable and caring company that your customers have seen in the past.

There are a number of ways to combat vicious attacks on your company. This includes such things as offering extra value in services, content and products. These items will always override such things as unwarranted gossip.

When people start reading bad reviews they often think a company is going out of business. It is important to let customers know that you are not only staying in business but also are continuing to honor your pledge to offer the very best in all aspects of your business. Always emphasize that customer satisfaction is your primary goal.

Many companies have reached out for support from searchcleanup.com to assist them in cleaning up their online reputation, social media chatter and other means of media communication. They use a process called Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) for handling and cleaning up online bad news.

Using professional support from a company that knows all the ins and outs of reducing damaging publicity and restoring your company’s integrity is essential in retaining your reputation and position in the business community.

If you are facing problems with a malicious attack on your business, having professionals with a company such as searchcleanup.com working on your behalf to clean up bad news is the first step in gaining back your hard earned reputation.