From Horror to Stoner: Some of the Best Movies of All-Time

Movies fall into categories, and over time movies have left lasting imprints on the film industry.  The most iconic submarine movies like U571, or iconic stars like John Wayne, one of the most well known western actors of all time.  These are the things that keep us watching, and keep us interested every time a new trailer is available.


PG-13 Horror Movies have been introducing young ones to the horror genre for generations. Earlier horror movies include Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, released in 1963 and touched on a threat that mother nature provided. In 1986, Little Shop of Horrors came out and included musical theatricals. In 1992, Death Becomes Her became a staple for many, with the story line of possibly living forever but with some guidelines to follow. PG-13 Horror movies became more suspenseful over time, with Willard in 2003 and eventually the #1 PG-13 Horror movie listed as Insidious released in 2011.  While it’s not a pg-13 movie, it’s worth mentioning Blair Witch here because it’s definitely one of the best found footage movies.

Another category that has entertained many for generations as well are the Best Stoner Movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show released in 1975, following a sweet transvestite as he prepares to go back to his home planet. In 1986, Labyrinth added a mythical twist to escaping a maze to save a baby brother. Kevin James directed Clerks in 1994 and Mallrats in 1995, including famous stoners Jay and Silent Bob. The #1 Best Stoner Movie is Dazed and Confused, released in 1993 that follows teenagers trying to find themselves in and out of high school.


The movie categories seem endless, and the number of total movies released over time seem unlimited.