Sapphire Rings See A Rise In Popularity

Why Are Sapphire Rings Seeing An Increase In Popularity?

One of the primary reasons that sapphire rings are rising in popularity has to due with the fact that the Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who is engaged to Prince Harry of England, has chosen to have a sapphire engagement ring instead of the traditional diamond one. The story and the sapphire ring received a huge amount of attention and helped to popularize the sapphire gemstone as an alternative to diamond engagement rings. It is also interesting to note that the sapphire ring was popularized by another royal British figure 30 years earlier. This was when Princess Diana wore a sapphire ring for the first time in her life. Her wearing a sapphire ring helped boost its popularity back then.

Why Are Sapphire Rings A Good Choice For Engagement Rings Or As Fine Jewelry?

The sapphire is the gemstone of choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry because it is incredibly durable. In fact, it is the closest in hardness to the diamond than any other gemstone. This makes it ideal for jewelry such as an engagement ring, wedding ring or an anniversary gift that you want to last for a long time.

Sapphires are also one of the more beautiful gemstones out there that can really catch someone’s eye. Jeweler’s say that the sapphire goes well with casual clothes or fancy clothes and this is helping to drive its popularity as well. The most common color that a sapphire comes in is blue. However, the sapphire gem comes in other colors. You can find sapphires in green, pink and a variety of hues of blue. There are other incredibly rare and valuable sapphire colors as well.

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