Keeping Criminals in Jail Using the Securus Technologies Phone System

One of the hardest parts of my job in law enforcement is keeping the bad guys in jail. When a suspect can walk that fine line of avoiding being convicted because he has a great lawyer or mistakes in the courtroom, my job is that much harder trying to prove he should be in jail. When an inmate is let out of the jail on a technicality or they are being held with little evidence and may skate free, I have to work fast to produce results.


The biggest issue that I have is time is working against me. If the courts only allow a few weeks to produce solid evidence or the suspect is going to walk, I have to make use of some key resources to close this case and keep this person from getting back on the streets where they can hurt another.


I used to have amazing results in gathering evidence from informants, but the rise in violence in gangs has scared many of these people into going deep under and not talking anymore with law enforcement for fear of retaliation. I used to be able to use the inmate phone monitoring system in the jail, but these clever inmates talk in code so we can not understand what they are really saying.


Securus Technologies recently installed a new phone system, complete with the LBS software that was about to change the game. CEO Rick Smith says his thousand employees at the Dallas based company have one objective, making the world safer for everyone. We used the new system to monitor chatter between gang members, and we discovered our suspect had ordered soldiers to a location to find, hide, or eliminate evidence that could incriminate him. He had no idea I was able to decipher his code, get there first, and keep him from ever getting out of jail.


Technology for Prison Families Using Securus

A lot of people are beginning to realize the benefits that come from using a company known as Securus. Securus is a wonderful Communication Service that is implementing better video visitation services for prison families all over the country. If this has been something you are thinking of implementing into your own life, you will be amazed at this company knowing that they have taken the World by storm and have also launched a multi-state campaign that is allowing more and more people to find out about the video visitation Services they offer and other different services that they have available within the company itself.


This is a great company for you to utilize right now because of the fact that you can feel confident in what it is done for you. Despite the fact that they have launched a multi-state campaign to raise awareness of their services, this is still a great company for you to utilize your self and has been known for many years among people in the prison system itself. Never has there been a better time for you to consider utilizing this service then right now because of the different options that happen to be available to you. Make sure to consider this for yourself if you have been trying to keep in touch with your loved one but are not having good success with it at all because of the fact that you are too far away from the prison where they are located.


Having a great experience using Securus has been what I have been telling people for quite some time now because I think it is wonderful for people who are struggling to keep in touch with loved ones and know that they need a better way to do this without having to spend a lot of money in order to get this done.


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Securus Technologies Issues Corrections to GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies has moved to correct inaccuracies contained in a press release from GTL. The Dallas based company has published corrections to information which is clearly misleading.


The case is now stayed


One of the key points that Securus Technologies wants to pass across to the public is that the case, which was filed in Texas Federal Court is now stayed. In fact, the 816 Patent that they keep talking about is not validated. GTL is therefore unable to secure an injunction or damages.


PTAB declined to assess the claims


In its litigation with Securus, GTL fails to understand that PTAB declined to assess the claims that have been challenged. They, therefore, are only asserting one independent claim and it involves an even bigger group of dependent claims. Securus CEO says that the company does not practice the fundamental security feature that is at the center of the claim.


None of the innovations has been patented


One of the most notable facts about these claims is that PTAB has not asserted that any of the claimed innovations have been patented. The only conclusion that was reached is that they will not review the claims. It therefore is questionable whether GTL can actually move to court because the situation is still a long way to being settled.


Despite the press release from GTL, Securus Technologies remains committed to offering the best services. They are still working hard to better public safety, corrections, monitoring, and investigation solutions. In addition to that, the company also remains committed to fair financial practices even though it is keen to protect itself from such misleading information.


Helping Inmates and Their Loved Ones In Louisiana

Louisiana is being bombarded with flooding, which has displaced many people and left them unsure about their future. Having a way for people to communicate with their loved ones during this time is very important. It is also important for the inmates in Louisiana to communicate with their friends and family members, and Securus Technologies is making that happen. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has long been providing communication technology for inmates to have with their family members and friends along with the correctional staff and law enforcement officers in the facilities. With the flooding causing devastation in the state of Louisiana, Securus is offering free phone calls for inmates who reside in Louisiana so that they can have better access to their loved ones during this time. Watch more on


 Securus offers communication technology services throughout 45 states in the United States along with other countries such as the Canada and Mexico. They have experienced customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and professional, and are able to resolve any issues regarding technical services that occur. Please click here to learn more about this great company and the many services it has to offer.


When it comes to family members and friends experiencing any sort of crisis, communication is very important for everyone. Securus not only offers communication services for the inmates, but this is a company that also cares.