The Evaluation Methodology At Success Academy

The education manager at Success Academy is involved in a lot of things. One of these is the F&P testing. This is done four times in a year for all scholars at Success Academy. The education manager ensures that it happens without any glitch. This means that all the materials that teachers require for this assessment should be made available to them. In this way, the administration plan has to be presented to the teachers. But the education managers are quite excited about the joy in Success Academy during F&P testing. This is because children wish to know how much progress they have made in reading since their last F&P evaluation!


This excitement is something that only an education manager can understand, and not any teacher. This is because the education manager knows how much work is to be done to get all the material ready for Success Academy. Their job is to coordinate with the education coordinator in order to make work easy for the teachers so that they are able to focus on their priority of ensuring that every scholar learns well.


The education manager gets all the rewards of working in Success Academy. They can join any classroom and help the scholars in whatever they are doing. This can include making bread, or playing with snakes in science and so on. Besides, they get to interact with the kids and get warm hugs all the time. This way there is a lot of energy all the time which keeps people motivated and happy.


A successful education manager at Success Academy has to carry out different tasks all the time. They can always reach out to other fellow education managers who are working at other schools in order to identify best practices and implement these in Success Academy as well.


Education managers will always have the task to keep everything organized! This is especially important during the exams.