The Power of Unity Makes or Breaks Orange Coast College Rowers

The Power in Unity

The Orange Coast College Rowers combat against competitors in a tight race to win the 12th national title. The air is extremely tense, but overthrown quickly by the rush of shifting paddles. “Splash!” The side of a racing teammate’s oar pierces the water in a swift, jagged motion – and, again to the other side of the boat. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

Together in one boat the eight teammates’ ambition burns unstoppable and drives them closer to finish line second by second; there is no time to waste. Each stroke perpetrated by every player can either “make or break” the race. Why?

Because as important as rowing as dangerously fast they can, the timing and precision of the stroke remains even more crucial. The team motto strives to be, “We are only as strong as we are united; as weak as we are divided.” As the players paddle surpassingly rapid, each blow must be in tune with the others’ to produce the best, effective glide. There is power in unity.

Find Your Flow and Row With It

Coach Cameron Brown states, “You’ve got eight moving parts and everyone has to work together. It’s not just the physical development, but the mental maturation as well.” Rowing is not a “one man show.” While in Basketball and Baseball there are distinguished, favorited players and each one has their prime time to deliver their skills, rowing is a team effort entirely. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

John Kenner, nineteen year old OCC varsity rower, quotes, “There’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you win a race with teamwork.” Kenner indicates that each player is to be prized, instead of looked over because each one is a vital, necessary part to succeeding in the race.

Rowing: Unlike Any Other

The Orange Coast College Rowing team typically begins the season with over eighty sign-ups. Yet, somehow by the end of the season around half the participants abandon the team. Contrary to popular opinion, the sport of rowing endures as an exhausting, laborious exercise. It’s not football, it’s not soccer, and it’s not rugby; it’s unlike any other sport. It remains unique and trying on its own. Kenner states to a reporter, “Being in the boat forces your body to go to a certain level you don’t experience in other sports.”

The origin of OCCR: Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College, located in Costa Mesa, CA, sustains not only as the beginning of Orange Coast College Rowing, but it is also one of OCCR’s largest donators. Over the past thirty years, the college has received ninety million dollars, and of that ninety million, parts of it has been donated to the rowing league.

Orange Coast College is known for donating to in-kind gifts of poverty, scholarships, state of arts, and etc. As well as considerably influencing the students enrolled at the college, they also influence minority groups and organizations outside of their fundamental realm, forming them into a college that not only cares about their own, but others as well.