The Secret behind IAP Worldwide’s Success

IAP Worldwide is a company that specializes in providing professional and advanced technical services, global statistics and facilities management to government agencies and organizations with the help of approximately two thousand employees. The company was founded in 1953 and since then it has spread out to twenty-five countries with its headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL. Some of the offices are in areas worth mentioning like United Kingdom, Middle East, Panama City and Washington D.C.

IAP Worldwide is the best in its trade on Google and it has built a reputation as reliable and responsive to the needs of its customers. It strives to not only meet the needs of its clients, but also exceed them. IAP has had the ability to reach such heights by adopting the mission of the customer as its own and channeling its passion, conviction and experience to achieve great success.

IAP Worldwide strives to give back to its clients and the community by performing its corporate social responsibilities. It gives back to the community by assisting volunteers in zones that have been hit by catastrophes, protecting the environment and participating in fund raising. In regards to its clients, majority of whom are military, it gives back by offering employment to its veterans.

IAP is always in search of partners that can help it deliver its services. It does this with the belief that strategic partners will help it gain access to markets and industries that would have otherwise been hard to penetrate. Because of relying on the partners, it also enjoys the expertise that they provide.

A ten-member board runs IAP on Its current CEO is Mr. Douglas Kitani. The board has had the ability to run the company successfully since they work within the values of the company while striving to achieve its mission. The success attached to IAP is not only attributable to the board of directors, but also its workforce. The employees are skilled in their fields and work together to achieve the company’s goals. IAP Worldwide knows their value and in a bid to foster the employees’ dedication, it strives to equip them with the resources that they require to handle their duties properly and maximize their potential.

IAP continues to strive to grow as shown by its recent acquisition of MD and DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS). The aim of the acquisition of TCNS and DRS was to integrate the unique capabilities and talent of both companies with that of IAP.

IAP Worldwide Services: Successfully Conducting Challenging Operations In the Harshest Environments

IAP Worldwide Services is a company counted on to deliver advanced technical services, facilities management and logistics in often demanding situations for military, private and public sector customers. Whether their services are needed on a battlefield or in the aftermath of a natural disaster anywhere in the world, they are there in a flash. They have thousands of employees working in 25 countries solving technical and logistical problems. They are a world leader in their field.

When you are looking for a company to plan, coordinate, manage, operate and maintain a remote research laboratory, civilian facility or military installation, contact IAP Worldwide Services. They have the equipment, technology, expertise, manpower and flexibility to handle any mission no matter how difficult or dangerous. The company has a reputation for exceeding their customers’ expectations. For over 60 years customers have known they can depend on IAP Worldwide Services to get the job done right.

The continued success of the company is a result of their corporate responsibility, leadership, values, ingenuity, equipment and people. The entire company is committed to doing whatever is necessary to help their customers attain their goals. They focus on the mission at hand and have the agility, creativity, flexibility, critical problem solving and expertise to accomplish near impossible feats. The IAP Worldwide team has the capabilities necessary to formulate faster and better ways to handle even the most challenging assignments using their dynamic, systems-based approach.

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A global company that’s dedicated to sustainable readiness, IAP Worldwide Services was created from the combination of several pioneering companies. It started in 1953 with Pan Am World Services, the company which built and operated the first space launch complex in America at Cape Canaveral, Florida. In 1989, Pan Am Services was purchased by Johnson Controls. Together they became Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, a worldwide leader in the maintenance, management and operation of commercial facilities and military bases. When specialized procurement and logistics company IAP acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services in 2005, they formed IAP Worldwide Services.

Today IAP Worldwide is known for their unsurpassed engineering services, construction management, airport master planning and more. They also devise innovative ways to improve energy efficiency by automating security, fire, and environmental control at the facilities at which they work. The company employs more than 1,600 employees and successfully conduct operations in over 110 locations no matter how harsh the environment or challenging the location.

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