Matt Badiali Is Helping Us Profit From Necessity

Matt Badiali has long made natural resources a point-of-concern for his investigative research. In fact, for the better part of 2 decades, he has focused, near-exclusively, on this sector. Agriculture, as well as mining and energy, have been of particular interest to this well-respected geologist. He has been teaching geology at the likes of both Duke and the University of North Carolina. This fervent interest in our most coveted resources has taken him across the globe. He has been on the Pacific Rim numerous times in his “boots on the ground” approach to discovering more about what interests him so much. It is not just Mr. Badiali who has this interest, so others in this space look to him as a natural resource himself, filled with information he spends lots of time and effort gathering, and that which helps us all. Follow Matt Badiali on

Mr. Badiali has coined the term “freedom checks” in regards to a way to bank on the United States goal of becoming energy independent. There has been a lot of interest in fracking in the United States and it seems to be gaining ground. Fracking, a way to inject liquid, at very high pressure, into subterranean rocks so as to create an avenue to derive oil or gas from what are seen as untapped avenues of exploration, is the backbone of this investment idea. The thought is to invest in these companies, that are set to do very well from fracking in the coming years, and from this investment, you will enjoy the successful results of their labor and earn a freedom check as a result. Follow Matt on Medium.

Just this month, Mr. Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an expert in just the areas where has made a career for himself: energy, metals and natural resources. Banyan Hill is a research firm providing reports on asset protection, finding better ways to invest and providing entrepreneurs with a resource for finding sources of funding. As the United States is looking to liberate themselves of the international grip on our need for natural resources, it makes sense that Matt Badiali joined this publishing house that was founded on the very idea of sovereignity and self-reliance.

In doing this, he has joined a firm that epitomizes the very focus of our country as we move away from relying on other countries for the natural resources we need to survive. Freedom checks might well become a lucrative investment for many in the fullness of time, and investments in these companies doing the exploration will undoubtedly go a long way to helping them make our energy independence a reality.