Fashion or budget? With JustFab and Fabletics you don’t have to choose

Do you love to keep up with fashion trends in footwear but hate how expensive that habit can get? Then JustFab is the perfect option for you. You’ve probably seen the eye-catching JustFab commercials on Instagram that highlight the amazing shoes and the membership option where you get shoes delivered every month, hand picked just for you. Even if you’re not into the idea of a regular delivery of shoes (but seriously, doesn’t that sound amazing?), prices are still very reasonable without the membership.

Not only does JustFab have fantastic shoes but they also sell handbags, jewelry and clothing at Though the site is very much on trend, there are also very classic looks in each shopping category. The site does a good job of showing models with various body types to help highlight that their clothes will look good on real women. JustFab thinks about the different types of customers that will want to purchase their looks and provides sizing from XS-XXL. Between their clothing, shoes and accessories you can create fashion-forward, wallet-friendly looks with Fabletics.

If you love the idea of JustFab, but you’re the type of person who spends more time in the gym than anywhere else, then you will love Fabletics. The newest offering from JustFab and Kate Hudson provide great-looking workout wear that easily transitions from gym to daily life. Similar to JustFab you can purchase items on their own or enroll in the monthly program. With enrollment in the VIP Program of Fabletics, not only do you get your first outfit for $25, but you will then be shipped a complete look each month.

Shopping is fun, but life is busy. Monthly, affordable shipments of items that fit your style is a fantastic option. JustFab and Fabletics will allow you to keep up with fun, fresh and trendy looks without breaking the bank. Who does love that?