Osteo Relief Institute, improving the quality of life in arthritis patients

The definition of arthritis is a joint pain or joint disease in general. In spite of the fact that the joint disease is common, it is not well understood. There exists not less than 100 various kinds of arthritis, as well as more than 50 million grown-ups in the United States of America, have some form.  It is most prevalent in women and older people. As a matter of fact, joint disease is a leading cause of national and global disability.

One of the most common sorts of arthritis is the degenerative joint disease popularly referred to as osteoarthritis. The latter comprises of the degeneration of cartilage; a soft tissue sandwiched between the joints.

Dr. Matthew CiRullo, Family Medicine notes that as the cartilage breaks down and wears, the born rubs against each other leading to pain, stiffness as well as swelling. For an extended period, the joints lose strength, and the pain may persist. Despite being no sure cure, there are various treatment options for managing joint pain and improving the quality of life.

An individual suffering from osteoarthritis may have acquired the illness through various risk factors such as excess weight, family history, previous injury, and age. A patient’s devotion to self-management is key to reducing the scope of the condition’s impact since Osteoarthritis is incurable and degenerative.


Osteo Relief Institute that based in New Jersey uses the latest and state of the art technology in the treatment of Arthritis. For decades, Osteo Relief Institute has specialized in its venture by employing highly skilled and reliable experts in the field of the degenerative disease cure.

Many old people suffering from spine and back pain from New Jersey have received significant assistance from Osteo Relief Institute that provides patients with knee osteoarthritis treatments without surgery. Apart from the medical facilities at the Osteo Relief Institute, the patients are also advised to observe daily routines such as doing some gentle exercise and stretching right before bed, and this makes them feel less stiff in the morning.


Also, the patients are advised to adjust their positions frequently when working, reading or watching. Many thanks to Osteo Relief Institute for offering such kind of assistance that is needed by patients.

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Life Line Screening’s Tests Provide Early Detection of Health Threatening Conditions

The health screening services available from Life Line Screening help in the early detection of serious conditions. This process is extremely beneficial for people who might be at risk for certain life threatening conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. Life Line Screening is a full service facility with multiple locations in the United States. In addition to the testing offered through their facilities this company also provides mobile screening for communities, which could be held at community centers, businesses or senior centers. They also offer informational services to corporations interested in educating their employees about early detection. Click here to know more.

The process of testing performed by Life Line Screening could include the use of state-of-the-art equipment. The three major methods for screening include the finger prick blood sample, ultrasound and electrocardiographs. The electrocardiograph or EKG, is used to detect irregularities in the beating of the heart. People who have atrial fibrillation could be at risk for stroke. The finger prick blood sample could be used to test a person’s blood for high blood sugar levels for diabetes, elevated enzymes from the liver or to detect the presence of a C-reactive protein for cardiovascular disease. All tests are conducted with an adherence to privacy.

In addition to the high-tech equipment used for screening, Life Line also uses CLIA certified labs that comply with all the regulations set forth by the government. They also make sure all of their technicians abide by the medical industry’s standard for protocols to make sure the results fall within the proper guidelines for normal or abnormal. All of the technicians employed by Life Line are either eligible to be registered with the ARDMS or are already registered. In addition to the skills and knowledge their team of physicians have in their respective fields, they are also board certified and licensed to practice within their respective states.