ClassDojo has Simplified Communication between Children, Parents and Teachers


ClassDojo is a communication tool that has improved communication between the teachers, parents, and students and made it easy to share what they are doing at school. It is a social platform resembling Instagram, but the difference is the purpose and where it is applied. It is requested used in schools to bring the classroom experience to the comfort of the parents.

ClassDojo was founded in 2100 by Sam Chaundhary and Liam Don, and it has enabled them to realize how best their ideas are ready to open up the school activities. ClassDojo operates in a manner that teachers take photos or record videos that they send them to parents. The photos are taken daily so that they can inform the parents of what is happening at school when they are away. More advantages of the app in the entire relationships involve teachers, parents, and the students.

ClassDojo has proved to be the fastest growing company in providing education technology, and it is being used by millions of teachers, parents, and students. The platform is currently being used in 2 out of three schools, and it has spread to over one hundred and eighty schools worldwide. ClassDojo is a platform that is improving the lives of children’s learning, and it is composed of designers, educators, and artists globally. The experts have a vast experience since they have worked in various institutions, and they have a background in education. The platform is being applied in both charter and public schools altogether.

ClassDojo is facing uplift from the funds it’s receiving from some of its investors. It is raising funds that will be used in promoting some of its applications. It has recently raised 21 million dollars as the second round of funding. The funds will be used to add some features into the platforms so that the platforms can be better utilized by the teachers. There are experts that have an experience of education and also technology in the company who are in charge.



ClassDojo will improve its applications by adding other features such as platforms for parents to make online payments for school fees and other activities such as trip costs. The platform will improve the efficiency and communication among the involved parties. It is a way of making the classroom readily available by the parents, and it is restricting itself to avoid commercializing the platform. Its contents will be private since the security of the children is the priority.