JeanMarie Guenot: Scientist, Entrepreneur, Businesswoman

JeanMarie Guenot was trained in physical and medicinal chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco where she earned her Ph.D. Her interests turned to business, receiving her MBA from The Wharton School located at the Univerity of Pennsylvania. These academic interests thrust JeanMarie Guenot into opposite directions, or so it seems.

She has worked in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Jeanmarie Guenot has focused her interests in molecular dynamics, protein structure prediction research and drug design. For instance, she used these scientific tools to discover new drugs to fight cancer. Her business interests propelled her into a world of scientific discovery and the marketplace.

Jeanmarie Guenot’s scientific and her eventual business goals were to develop targeted therapies to treat diseases. Her training in the study of the underlying molecular mechanisms of diseases was critical to develop targeted pharmacological agents.

Of all of her accomplishments, of which there are many, was her recognition of the importance in developing targeted pharmacological agents, is her greatest achievement on This inciteful recognition was the first building block to cure such diseases as cancer, one infected cell at a time.

Her interests in the treatment of severe eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and ocular inflammation, inspired her to found and manage SKS Ocular. Hoffmann-La Roche hired her as its principal scientist for the development of drugs for autoimmune diseases, and drugs to treat cancerous tumors.

Guenot was appointed at PDL BioPharma as its Vice President of Corporate & Business Development where she was accomplished in licensing, mergers and acquisitions. She was instrumental in securing a $800 million dollar transaction which included a $100 million dollar equity investment in PDL

Currently, she is the President & CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. which has developed targeted antibody therapies to treat hematologic malignancies. The Food and Drug Administration is allowing an Amphivena drug, AMV564, for its use in human clinical trials at

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Cotemar’s Evolution in the Providence of Varied Services in the Oil Industry

Cotemar specializes in providing vessels, quality and safe services and offshore oilfield solutions to its clients. It provides the services in three categories, namely: Engineering, construction, and maintenance .The individual services offered in this category are offshore installations of equipment, upgrading of platforms and innovation centers, assembly of material, support of semi-submersible vessels and equipment, support for dynamic positioning of equipment.

Boats and Marine support
To ensure the smooth running of the restaurant services, Cotemar has private carriers for food and light materials, fireboats, towing ships and barges for the transportation of larger equipment.

The maintenance team of Cotemar ensures that the facilities are safe for use at all times.

Food and lodging services
The services offered are regularly inspected and monitored so as to maintain the quality of food and the services include ironing, washing, cleaning of common utility areas, bedding services and food preparations.

Cotemar began as food, lodging, and vessels provider in the Campeche Sound. In 1981, the firm expanded its providence service of ships by adding more of them to accommodate personnel and material. Cotemar then upgraded the hotel and lodging services to a premium level in 1985.

In a bid to increase the volume in transportation, Cotemar added more vessels between 1988 and 2012. In 2012, the company began construction of specialized vessels to transport both liquid and solid materials such as the 2 PSS in COSCO and the Atlantis in 2013.

The 2 PSS arrived from COSCO in 2014 and ready for use.
In 2016, the Oil Lifting Company, a subsidiary of Cotemar in Mexico, earned the Cuicahan Poniente contract for the extraction of hydrocarbon from fields. The process was under the leadership of the National Hydrocarbons Commission.

To date, Cotemar has over 30 specialized vessels, 37 years in the oil industry and over 8000 people who have worked for the firm.

Cotemar ensures that’s its staff meet the standards set by the HR department by offering training programs for prospective and active employees.

Cotemar has certifications of several bodies such as the ISO 9001:2008, International Air Pollution Prevention(International Safety Management for Maritime Safety Activities), Pemex, Empresa Sociomente Responsible among other certifications granted by the Secretariat of labor and social welfare, Marple and ISPS-PBIP. Cotemar continues to adhere to its core values by applying integrity in in its working environment, simplicity, innovation, and effectiveness. Cotemar aims to be a leading contributor in the extraction of hydrocarbons and offshore oil processes with the help of committed staff and innovative technology.

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