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Rona Borre's Instant Alliance
           Rona Borre’s Instant Alliance

In general, the tech industry simply isn’t a very diverse place. Women are underrepresented in general in most technical fields, but there is an effort to change this. No one is doing more work to change things around than Rona Borre. As a successful female entrepreneur, she wants to see others succeed and does everything she can to place highly skilled professionals in the right position.


How Instant Alliance Is Changing Everything

Borre is able to help technical professionals find the right job for them through Instant Alliance. Founded in 2001, Instant Alliance focuses on ways to assist companies in need of staff with technical or financial acumen find the personnel they need. Based on, the process of finding the appropriate staff needed for these sort of tasks isn’t easy. There is far more to the process than simply finding the right resumes. You need an in depth understanding of what each potential employee can bring to the table and how those employees will help each company. This is exactly why so many companies trust Instant Alliance.

About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is an entrepreneur with a focus on the human capital industry. Her greatest success came when she decided to create Instant Alliance. Working out of her condo, Borre was able to build the company into one of the most successful staffing agencies in Chicago. She still runs the company today and receives high praises for her work.

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