Mike Baur Works Hard and Finds Satisfaction in Swiss Start Up Company

Mike Baur does a good job of putting his education to work through multiple companies that he has seen success in, currently holding down an executive position at five different companies.

He started out getting interested in finances at the age of sixteen. He went on to recieve his bachelor’s degree in banking and finances. Still feeling the pull to further his education, he then went on to recieve two masters degrees, one in Business Administration and another in Executive Business Administration.

Using his knowledge from the universities, in addition to his hard work and dedication, he had successes in the banking industry but in 2008 the recession hit and the banking industry seemed less enjoyable than it had before in part because there was more hoops to jump through in order to help people achieve their goals. He wanted to help in a quicker, less painful way.

As he began looking for something else to do, he found his niche when he create a start-up company called Swiss Start Up Factory. He started the company with a colleague he had met at college and they immediately began helping companies find success, either by helping them financially or through a mentorship program.

The mentorship program helped the promising companies by giving them rent-free work space in Switzerland’s largest city, three months assistance, and hands on learning about how to market their products worldwide.

Mike Baur also sits on the board of a pitch contest named START Summiteer, which not only helped the contestants of the contest but also helped launch Baur’s company as one with notiable reputation. The contest is focused on companies with less than one million dollars assets and only thirty companies make it to the pitch sessions.

Not wanting to go too far from his financial roots, Baur also created a company called ThinkReloaded that helps affluent people decide which investments are the best ones to make. Naturally, ThinkReloaded and Swiss Start Up Factory have worked together on numerous projects.

Part of what makes Baur’s organization unique is the sheer amount of work that everyone involved at Swiss Start Up Factory puts in. As a matter of fact, that is why they added the Factory part to the name- because factories work hard and so does Baur and his partners and that is something worth bragging about!


A Brief Look At Eric Pulier’s Background, Charitable Giving And Business Career

A Brief Look On Eric Pulier’s Background


Eric Pulier grew up in the suburban community of Teaneck, New Jersey outside of New York City. He graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 and went on to study at Harvard University. Eric Pulier was a student journalist during his time at Harvard University. He had his own column at the Harvard Crimson student newspaper and wrote about things such as technology, terrorism and politics. Pulier graduated from Harvard University in 1988 with the the highest possible honors of magna cum laude. While studying at Harvard University, Eric Pulier also expanded his knowledge of computer science and programming by taking a few supplemental courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


A Brief Look On Eric Pulier’s Career


One of the companies that Eric Pulier first created was called People Doing Things. It was formed in 1991 and based out of Los Angeles, California. People Doing Things was a tech company that offered software and technology solutions for the healthcare and education sector.


The second company that Eric Pulier has created was called Digital Evolution. It formed in 1994 and was an interactive digital media company. Digital Evolution would eventually be merged together with another company called US Interactive.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Pulier has been credited with creating, investing in or co-founding over 15 different technology and software companies. Some of the more notable examples of companies that he played a key role in as an investor or founder are MediaPlatform, US Media Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, SOA Software and Desktone.


A Brief Look At Eric Pulier’s Philanthrophy


Eric Pulier has always had a soft spot and big heart when it comes to helping children who are suffering from chronic illnesses. One of the earliest forays of Eric Pulier into the world of philanthropy involved him creating a digital educational platform for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Pulier’s digital forum helped to educate people who were diagnosed with this chronic illness. Another early charitable project of Eric Pulier was with the Starbright World (Read This). This was a private social media network designed especially for young children with fatal and chronic diseases.