Equities First Holdings Offers Low Interest Rate Non-Purpose Loans

Equities First Holdings is a global leader in alternative shareholder financing industry. It operates as an advisory and investment company. The company provides organizations and individuals with financial margin loans and shareholding financing services. Equities First Holdings has experienced tremendous growth in the recent few years. In Australia, the company operates in three business locations: Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. In Melbourne alone, the company had to relocate its office to a more spacious building located at Collins Street in order to accommodate the growing client base.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in providing its clients with stock-based loans as capital for strategic investment, business expansion or any other purpose. It is noteworthy that stock-based loans can be used to finance any project because they are unrestricted. The company has been lending solutions for both high net-worth individuals and businesses seeking non-purpose working capital since the year 2002. By providing clients with securities-based loans, the company ensures that its clients are meeting professionals and personal financial goals. The company offers loans against publicly traded companies worldwide. To date, the Equities First Holdings has completed offer 700 transactions with an estimated value of over $1.4 billion. As a global company, Equities First Holdings operates in nine countries including Australia, Singapore, England, and China.

Who would benefits from working with Equities First Holdings?

Equities First Holdings provides securities-based loans to both businesses and creditworthy individuals. These loans help clients to expand their businesses or to fund new projects. Similarly, the loans can be used for any other purpose that deem necessary to the business. For instance, the company has been funding the Melbourne-based company, Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT), to undertake its key projects in India. The stock-based loans can also help individuals to attain their professional and personal financial goals. The company’s stock-based loans attract low interest rates and thus providing clients with high loan-to-value.

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South Korean HealthCare Fund Expands Highland Capital’s Expertise

Highland Capital Management continues to expand its coverage of the healthcare industry. Healtcare is in the news; therefore, a wise investment firm takes advantage of that free press coverage. Highland worked with the South Korean National Pension Service (NPS) to raise $147 million for investment in North American and South Korean firms.


“South Korea Medical Devices”


No one can change economic realities. Cheaper labor costs make it easier for South Korea manufacturing firms to compete on the world stage. Mature American medical device firms can take their intellectual property to Asia and have the lower wage workers assemble new products. This new Highland Capital healthcare fund can invest in those healthcare firms.


This fund has a higher chance of success because of the connection to the NPS. Also, the local South Korean investment firm, Stonebridge Capital is co-manager of the fund. The foundation has been laid for success.


“Less Addictive Pain Relievers”


What are some of the other Highland Capital Management developments in the healthcare field? Highland Capital Mr. Michael D. Gregory is the Head of Healthcare Credit. When asked about healthcare stocks that Highland Capital was covering, Mr. Gregory discussed the dangers of opioid addiction in the U.S. – companies are turning to “new, less-addictive pain relievers.” Highland Capital HealthCare fund managers are suggesting investment in the firms with these less addictive pain relievers.


Once again, there are numerous synergies between North America and South Korea. Of course, pain relief knows no boundaries and the development of better drugs would be beneficial to both nations. The United States has an aging population with more seniors who might need non-addictive drugs.


The US Food & Drug Administration and South Korea Ministry of Food & Drug Safety might compare notes on pain relief applications. Dallas based Highland Capital manages about $15.4 billion and continues to be at the forefront of world-changing developments. Now, it has expanded its healthcare expertise to South Korea.