Thor Halvorssen’s Career Background as a Human Rights Activist and Film Producer

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen is a Venezuelan film producer and advocates for human rights. He has been involved with civil liberties, public policy and individual rights, and public interest advocacy throughout his professional career.Thor has also been featured in TV shows broadcasted on BBC News, Assal-Jazeera, Fox News Channel, and CNN. His activism and political insights have also been published in several magazines. These include The New York Times, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Democracy and Human Rights Advocacy

As a human rights activist, Thor focuses on abolishing slavery, threats to democracy and human trafficking. Several institutions have hosted him as a guest speaker on human rights. These institutions include Harvard Law School, the United Nations Association in New York, and the New York City Junto. Thor was also honored to be a key speaker at the British parliament.

Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen has been actively involved with the Human Rights Foundation. Founded in 2005, the Human Rights Foundation is a New York-based center that focuses on human rights and democracy advocacy. Thor is one of the founders of the organization. The organization was founded with an objective of fostering freedom from tyranny and freedom of self-determination.Besides Thor Halvorssen, the institution is empowered by democracy activists such as Garry Kasparov and Mart Laar. Thor enlisted the Human Rights Foundation in advocating for the release of Liu Xiabo. Liu is a Chinese political prisoner who won a Nobel Peace Prize for his activism.

Film Production

Thor is currently working on an adaptation film. It focuses on the tales narrated in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, a novel written by Robert Heinlein. The science fiction novel was met with several positive reviews since Robert released it. Thor enlisted Bryan Singer as the director of the adaptation film. Thor was also acknowledged as a producer of a movie known as Freedom’s Fury. Andrew Vajina, Quentin Tarantino, and Lucy Liu executively produced this movie. It focuses on the dictatorship that was prevalent in Hungary back in 1956.