The Value of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin for the Marginalized Societies

Larkin was a drop out of Arizona State University, but it never hindered his future in any way. He was able to achieve many things that could have been thought to be impossible such as exposing Arpaio the toughest America’s sheriff in Maricopa County in Arizona. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Arpaio was famous for his notoriety, but one of his notable heinous acts was when he wrongfully imprisoned Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, The Village Voice owners. When President Trump made his official pardon, a dilemma arose of where this pardon could lead Arpaio and what could occur during his crusade.

Lacey and Jim Larkin teamed up to support Phoenix New Times that existed to respond to the ultra-conservative home media’s coverage of student antiviolence protests. Lacey was the executive editor and Larkin the CEO, the free paper grew regarding its audience.

It mainly explored on a variety of political and social issues thus gaining excellent reputation over the nation’s alternative newspapers. Therefore, they published a piece of information in a Village Voice Media publication about the probe of a grand jury, and they were unaware that at the same instance they were being investigated by a grand jury.

The increasing coverage of Arpaio aggressive law enforcement strategies that were defining this sheriff’s department from 1992 when he was inaugurated in office resulted was the cause of his frustration. Several publications were established before, to bring in light a variety of his many orders against woman and inmates. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Arpaio never minded about the charges but continued with his work like nothing had happened and even motivated his employees to stay with the practice of racial profiling for both the Latinos and immigration exchange services.

He proceeded with his work for years until the people started to oppose his abuse of power and in the process, the reporters’ attention was caught. Lacey and Larkin took advantage of this opportunity and began to expose him to the American people.

They succeeded by writing about Arpaio in several instances though they were arrested after being targeted by a special prosecution team. Their original work was used as a source of information relating to Arpaio to many newspapers.

It, therefore, led to the scandal being more magnified to the extent of attracting national coverage. They stayed in prison for 24 days, and after their release, they proceeded to file a Lawsuit against Arpaio thus revealing more about his malpractice and corruption.

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