The Refreshing Objectivity of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a Berkeley professor who would seem to defy what most people would expect. He is interested in factual observation and what the chosen fact or statement, in this case, means as opposed to what it’s originator is trying to accomplish. In a time when information is more readily available than ever before, or in other words more “democratic“, professor Sujit Choudhry attempts to help us realize what the actions taken by governments or leaders mean for the big D-Democracy, the concept, if you will. Hop over to

His latest publication, a chapter in the book Constitutional Democracies in Crisis? focuses on a tweet by former Attorney General Eric Holder. Mr. Choudhry astutely points out a fact most people would not think about. In the tweet, Mr. Holder says “…The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative,” This is the last sentence, of the tweet, follow him on The interesting fact, that Choudhry points out, is the fact that Eric Holder, the former top law enforcement officer of the United States, says the people will decide what happens-not the law. Read more here on (

Whether you agree with Eric Holder, Sujit Choudhry, or anyone else in today’s world you should appreciate someone pointing out Statements or actions that seem to support a concept but actually hurt it. It’s Ironic that Eric Holder basically appealed to pure democracy-“the people” to overturn the Rule of Law that protects the idea of Democracy itself, refer to ( This is what Sujit Choudhry wrote about. The Rule of Law is important to Western Society. It is easy to forget that we created the idea. What we create, we can destroy. Sometimes, like a child building a tower of blocks, we think we are making our society bigger and better. We forget to step back and look at all sides of that tower, or we are so determined to add, just one more block, to reach higher we forget to check if we are destabilizing the whole construction. Sujit Choudhry is helping us remember to look.

Lacey and Larkin continue with human rights protection after Arpaio’s pardon

In 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested by Joe Arpaio in the Middle of the night and accused of publishing the contents of a grand jury. Lacey and Larkin are the founders of the Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

These two media channels have played a significant role in highlighting the state of human rights protection in the country. The media outlets have acted as watchdogs for the public by exposing government agents who engage in acts of human rights violations.

Joe Arpaio was one of the officials whose actions were brought to the limelight by the two journalists.

They accused Arpaio of running concentration camps which were used as centers for human rights violations. The relevant government agencies did not approve the concentration camps but Arpaio used to run them as his property.

Joe Arpaio went against all the laws in coming up with this facility. First of all, he misappropriated county funds by diverting funds meant for prisons to other causes.

Joe Arpaio faced the law for the first time after Lacey and Larkin exposed him in 2011. In a court case sponsored by the two, he was ordered by a federal judge to stop detaining immigrants.

The judge said that no wrong deserved the nature of treatment the immigrants were getting from the administration of Joe Arpaio.

Immigration is not a crime that needs people to be tortured and placed in concentration camps. Unfortunately, Joe Arpaio belonged to the group of people who believe that other communities coming to the united states was a threat to the natives, he did not follow the orders given by the courts. Instead, he made sure that even more immigrants were driven out of the county. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

In 2007, he lost his 7th reelection bid. In the same year, he was taken back to court for contempt of court orders given in 2011. He was found guilty of the charges. He was due for sentencing in October 2017, but president Trump chipped in to save him.

It seemed like the President was returning the favor after Arpaio earlier helped him win the seat of the president. This was the first pardon case that the president was dealing with after the election.

Joe Arpaio is now free and will not face charges for the crimes he committed while serving as the Sheriff. Together with Donald Trump, they had raised the issue of the birth certificate of the former president- Barack Obama.

They are accomplices who believe that immigration into the United States should be stopped altogether. Since Trump took office, he has shown every indication that he is not going to tolerate immigration into the U.S.

Lacey and Larkin, on the other hand, continue their fight for equality by establishing a new website known as “Front Page Confidential” which is focusing on the First Amendment.

The two are committed to pushing the government agencies to respect the rights of the people no matter the nationality. Human rights have no boundaries and should be accorded to all human beings.