How Stansberry Research Can Help Mainstreet Investors Make Great Returns

Stansberry Research is a company which helps regular investors (Releasefact). Whether they are investing for their eventual retirement, to buy a home, or other financial needs the team at this company wants to help investors succeed. They are an investment research firm which publishes information through a variety of resources so that people can save, invest, and make their portfolios grow.

A recent article that appeared on Stansberry Research’s website has to do with preventing people from worrying about their investments. A lot of people think the next stock market crash is always just around the corner. What the team at this company wants people to know is that the United States stock market is by far the best wealth-creation tool that has ever been seen throughout history.

The US Stock market enables people to become the owner of literally thousands of companies across every business sector there is. The power of compounding when it comes to investing is amazing and has enabled millions upon millions of people to quit working at some point and enjoy a nice retirement.

Stansberry Research offers investors a bookstore, investment glossary, and education center. They regularly post articles and research about opportunities to invest in the global stock market and other assets. They also offer strategies and other news people can use, such as a recent article about the cancer that ended up killing both Patrick Swayze, Michael Landon, Steve Jobs, and other well-known people.

The bookstore on Stansberry Research’s website has several books about how to successfully save for retirement, the global economy, and other issues. Among these is “Dr. David Jr.’s Big Book of Retirement Secrets” which gives readers little known strategies to both save for retirement and live in in it efficiently and well. There is also a book which reveals the secrets of investing in the natural resources market which just about nobody in the general investment community understands well enough to exploit this industry. This book, which costs just $19, helps investors navigate this market which can often experience really high highs and really low lows. By investing well people can experience gains of even 1000% in a year which is very remarkable.


Matt Badiali Is Helping Us Profit From Necessity

Matt Badiali has long made natural resources a point-of-concern for his investigative research. In fact, for the better part of 2 decades, he has focused, near-exclusively, on this sector. Agriculture, as well as mining and energy, have been of particular interest to this well-respected geologist. He has been teaching geology at the likes of both Duke and the University of North Carolina. This fervent interest in our most coveted resources has taken him across the globe. He has been on the Pacific Rim numerous times in his “boots on the ground” approach to discovering more about what interests him so much. It is not just Mr. Badiali who has this interest, so others in this space look to him as a natural resource himself, filled with information he spends lots of time and effort gathering, and that which helps us all. Follow Matt Badiali on

Mr. Badiali has coined the term “freedom checks” in regards to a way to bank on the United States goal of becoming energy independent. There has been a lot of interest in fracking in the United States and it seems to be gaining ground. Fracking, a way to inject liquid, at very high pressure, into subterranean rocks so as to create an avenue to derive oil or gas from what are seen as untapped avenues of exploration, is the backbone of this investment idea. The thought is to invest in these companies, that are set to do very well from fracking in the coming years, and from this investment, you will enjoy the successful results of their labor and earn a freedom check as a result. Follow Matt on Medium.

Just this month, Mr. Badiali joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an expert in just the areas where has made a career for himself: energy, metals and natural resources. Banyan Hill is a research firm providing reports on asset protection, finding better ways to invest and providing entrepreneurs with a resource for finding sources of funding. As the United States is looking to liberate themselves of the international grip on our need for natural resources, it makes sense that Matt Badiali joined this publishing house that was founded on the very idea of sovereignity and self-reliance.

In doing this, he has joined a firm that epitomizes the very focus of our country as we move away from relying on other countries for the natural resources we need to survive. Freedom checks might well become a lucrative investment for many in the fullness of time, and investments in these companies doing the exploration will undoubtedly go a long way to helping them make our energy independence a reality.


The Mariam Global Health Fund Finds Direction With CEO Dr. Mark Holterman

The Mariam Global Health Fund was founded by Dr. Holterman in order to foster innovative approaches to healthcare initiatives. Most of the focus of his organization is on stem cell research and autoimmunity. Dr. Holterman’s foundation has touched the lives of those all over the globe, including providing assistance to children in Vietnam through the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.

Dr. Holterman, having obtained his PhD from the University of Virginia, having worked as Instructor in Surgery for the University of Washington, and having been an Attending Pediatric Surgeon for the Rush University Medical Center, is also heavily involved in scientific research. Strides made in medical photonics and regenerative medicine have been one of the motivating factors behind Dr. Holterman’s initiatives. As a doctor and an entrepreneur, Dr. Holterman believes in being versatile and working smart, delegating much of his work, in order that he may focus on new, emerging and innovative research.

Dr. Holterman understands the challenges of bringing substantial medical advances to the bedside, and the processes involved in doing so. However, he is optimistic on the exciting and varied technological advances at the forefront of his research with Mariam Global Health. In perhaps an Elon Musk-like persona, Dr. Holterman thinks outside-the-box and always strives to think big and test the limits of modern technology and scientific research (

Having been involved in clinical trials for autoimmune diabetes treatments, named one of America’s Top Doctors by Castle Connolly for several years, and having a laundry list of achievements over his career history, Dr. Holterman is bringing a plethora of knowledge and experience to the plate and continues to keep his focus on global health needs and treatments. Dr Holterman’s wife, Aixuan, is also a surgeon and involved in scientific research. His two sons are involved in the biotechnology field, taking after their father. Dr. Holterman is one who certainly practices what he preaches, having his entire family involved in the healthcare industry and bringing medical care where it is needed most.