James Larkin grew up in England’s Liverpool to become a courageous man who could address large crowds. Jim had powerful speeches that would move people and turn them to follow him. He was able to convince workers to strike more than once.

He began at the docks where he was working a foreman. This was a good position, and his earnings were not as meager as those of a docker or sailor. However, the treatment that they received was all equaled, and Larkin decided that it was not going to continue anymore.

He spoke to the laborers and foreman that worked with him, and his words were moving enough for them to follow him on whatever course of action he decided to take up. James Larkin was successful in organizing them, but the demonstration did not end so well because he was fired as a result.

NUDL could not let such a talented man slip from their fingers. They grabbed the first opportunity to make Larkin one of them, and in the organizers’ team. There, he went on with his convincing tongue and was able to lead other workers on the streets to refuse the Chinese immigration.

James Larkin succeeded on several occasions, including the time when he went to Dublin following instructions given by NUDL. He also successfully formed ITGWU and gained a lot of followers, after making a way out of NUDL.

His reasons for leaving the first and biggest union that he had ever joined were many, but most importantly, Larkin had refused to listen to the union when he was sent to Dublin. He did as he wished.

James Larkin was convinced by James Connolly to mobilize people for the Dublin Lockout after they, together, formed the Irish Labor Party. The lockout was successful, but many owed it to James Larkin for being able to give workers purpose and a reason for fighting for what they thought was right.

James Larkin was able to achieve many things through word of mouth and swaying people’s hearts and thoughts. He was not educated, but the little he knew took him very far places.

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