Perry Mandera: Benefits of a Bill of Lading

Perry Mandera is an influential figure in the world. Many people in the society know him as a successful executive who has been able to bring numerous changes in the transport department. The businessman has been in this sector for the last four decades, and this means that he has all the expertise needed to excel in the complicated market. At the moment, Perry Mandera is working at an institution that is called The Custom Companies, and he is responsible for the business development and sales operations. Perry loves to make sure that his customers do not get a chance to complain, and this is why he has been instrumental in providing high-quality services. The businessman carries his tasks with a lot of ease because of the expertise he has acquired over the years. Perry and his successful company have been offering consumers a wide range of online features. One of this is known as the electronic bill of lading.

Bill of lading is known to many as a BoL or simply a B/L. This is a crucial part of a shipping chain that should never be ignored. Most bill of lading documentation has three benefits to consumers. First of all, they serve as the evidence for the contract of carriage, and they are document title to the good in question. The documents are also a receipt of the goods. Understanding the importance of these papers saves consumers a lot of headache at the end of the day.

According to Perry Mandera, bills of lading are considered to be a contract of carriage, and they are essential legal papers ( These documents can be used in so many litigation activities, especially those concerning shipping. In most cases, the papers will ensure that the carriers of the goods have processed all their cargo according to the parameters of the seller. If you happen to fill your bill of lading incorrectly, then you can be taken to court for criminal prosecution. If you do not want to find yourself in trouble with the law, then it is paramount to have these important papers in order.


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