Stream Energy Ensures The Women Of Leadership Shine With This Years Retreat

Stream Energy is known best by clients as a reliable source of renewable energy that is cost-effective and easy to acquire in places such as Texas as Delaware, helps consumers and companies swiftly reduce their carbon footprint. This firm is also known to help others, such as their employees, in more ways than one. Every year Stream Energy hosts an annual retreat for leadership groups and this year; the leadership getaway helped its female employees shine.

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The annual themed retreats ensure that the participants get inspired by authors and other influential public figures, all while learning new skillsets that they can hone and use in their professional life. This year’s theme was shine, as it was aimed at helping the women who work here learn various new skills, bond as a team, trust each other better while staying true to their inner nature.

Slideshows, workshops and inspiring speeches from renowned people such as acclaimed and best-selling author, Nicole Lapin, were included in the event. The women of power working for Stream Energy learned how to tap into their inter-personal skills while learning how to be better leaders and excel at their jobs so that both clients and co-workers can benefit from their newly acquired skills. The women who attended this workshop walked into the event as confident professionals and left the venue as empowered leaders with a new sense of achievement and self-worth of being able to be their true self while being better leaders in the working environment.


The Company

Stream Energy is one of the few existing clean energy providers that offer direct selling choices to customers. They have recently started providing consumers in Delaware with the option of choosing from various eco-friendly fixed-rate plans at a competitive rate, view here. This firm has also recently expanded operations once again and is helping the environment become cleaner, greener, powered by solar, wind and other forms of non-polluting energies. Considered as one of the few companies that might successfully start the journey that leads to the end of hazardous materials such as coal while producing electricity, Stream Energy has helped thousands of consumers live in an eco-friendly manner.

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