EOS Crystal Review for Vegans and Non-Vegans Alike

After becoming a vegan, I have long been searching for a high-quality lip balm to use and that day is finally here. Most lip balms use petroleum jelly as an emollient which does not provide me with the long-lasting protection that my lips need. Better lip balms like EOS’ sometimes contain beeswax which is not vegan and therefore off limits for me. Tat has thankfully changed with EOS Crystal line.

I had tried EOS lip balm previously, before I became vegan. The lip balm always went on extra smooth and prevented drying for most of the day. I would apply a coat when I woke up, after lunch, and after dinner, and their tubes seemed to last me forever. When I was forced to use Chapstick after I went vegan I would go through a tube much faster as I was constantly applying it.

EOS Crystal felt just like the classic EOS lip balm, purchase here. It went on smooth, provided great protection, and the flavors were super yummy. I ended up trying both the available flavors of vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus. Both of these flavors had the classic EOS complexity to them and the lack of artificial additives really made a difference in their application.

EOS Crystal is clear in color and is in a newly designed (and better) applicator case that you can rest on your desk without fear of it falling over based on dm.de. For a clumsy person like me, this is a good thing. Would recommend EOS to both vegans and those who are considering becoming a vegan. It is the same great product that EOS is known for with a new and better applicator. Keeping p the great quality that EOS is known for and the unique flavors is a great thing for anyone interesting in trying unique new lip balm.

Visit EOS’ official website, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


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