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Bruno Fagali

In Bruno Fagali’s world, misinformation has become a serious problem to deal with an increasing number of people constantly checking the legitimacy of any information they receive (Bruno Fagali, 2012). This trend is very important in shaping the news media because it creates a sense of accountability where the media is pressured to always ensuring the authenticity of information. As a result, there is less confusion as well as misinformation in society as a result of this trend.

Love and Research – Bruno Fagali

There are two basic principles in marketing; do your research and love your audience. These aren’t the only principles in marketing, but they are the building blocks in creating a useful and well budgeted marketing plan. If you can understand and follow these basic principles you will have established a good foundation.

In order to know how to go about marketing the product, you must first do research. Research is by far the most important step in creating a marketing plan. Get to know your product, learn everything you can about it. What’s it made of…is it a book, a toy, a financial package, or are you selling a person? No matter what the product is, study it until you think you know too much…and then keep studying. Any information you learn could be handy later on in the process. Now think about research in regards to the target audience, dig deep and become the consumer. If you’re marketing a book think about when and where your target audience will have the time to read that book. Think about what they like to eat…any and everything, because it’s all relevant. Any small nugget of information can lead to success in the marketing world.

Bruno Fagali – References

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