The Career Of Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali

     Bruno Fagali is a Sao Paulo-based attorney with other three decades of professional experience in the legal world. For all those years of experience, Bruno Fagali has served many companies in representing them with their anti-corruption cases in a court of law. Bruno Fagali is also the CEO and Founder of the Fagali Law Company based in the United States. His areas of expertise fall not less than the public law, the election issues, and the law surrounding anti-corruption cases. Bruno Fagali graduated with a degree in Law from the University of Sao Paulo with the highest honors. He also has a master’s degree that specializes in areas like anti-corruption, and administrative law.

Bruno Fagali commenced his journey as an attorney working in the Model Dom Paulo Law Company as an intern lawyer. During that time, he ensured he gained maximum legal experience representing big corporations in a court of law because he proved to be worthy. This is the reason why he decided to venture into the Fagali Law Company to take a new step in business. His workload at the company involved domestic violence cases, the civil procedural law cases, and the family law. For three years he moved to the next law firm by the name Azevedo Perez Law Company. Because of the two internship opportunities, Bruno Fagali worked to become one of the best entities in the world of law.

In 2012, Bruno Fagali got his first job as an associate lawyer for the Radi and Calil Company. It was during this time when Bruno Fagali started working for administrative contacts and appeals as well as in the public civil action. He also has legal expertise in the area of public law and litigation cases before the courts of law. Bruno Fagali now holds a Corporate Integrity Manager position at the Nova/sb Company based in Brazil.

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