Glen Wakeman’s Launch Pad to Success: Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals

The revolution of how businesses are run has been Glen Wakeman’s long term goal. He realized early on in his financial career that there were certain aspects of the business that needed tweaking. The same old processes weren’t working because of the many changes in the industry. Technological advances provided the incentives to create different avenues for potential entrepreneurs to pursue. With his over twenty years experience in the financial industry, Glen Wakeman knew that he needed to make a way for entrepreneurs to receive the whole picture of their company.

Beginnings-The Stepping Stones to Success

Glen Wakeman understood that many would-be entrepreneurs were getting bogged down with confusing and often misleading details. Wakeman’s development experience helped him to develop a guided approach with clearly spelled out goals and objectives. This guided approach combined with the use of advanced technology provided the means for Wakeman to systematically create programs to launch businesses.

Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015 to help entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals. The development of new world wide businesses is part of the ongoing process in which early stage entrepreneurs utilize the most. Glen Wakeman’s expertise in international finance has helped numerous businesses get past the early stages successfully.

Mid stage-Finding a Place in the Marketplace

Glen Wakeman has been instrumental in helping many enterprises move forward into the middle stage of their development. His on target messages help individuals understand what they need to do in order to find their place in the marketplace. He believes that having clear guidelines are critical in both securing and maintaining a place in the marketplace.

The global marketplace demands that entrepreneurs think globally about how their business impacts other businesses ( Wakeman’s timely blogs provide insightful information on a variety of business topics.

Final stage- Maintaining Status for the Road Ahead

Early stage entrepreneurs will appreciate that maintaining their business status over the long term takes an effort to establish a core. This could be a set of established rules and regulations or physical assets. Glen Wakeman’s development plans provide this core for businesses.

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