The Difference that Adam Milstein is Making Around the World

When I first heard the name Adam Milstein, I didn’t realize how important it was to research his biography. Seeking more information about being successful and following the path of active philanthropists, his name popped up over and over. His charitable and philanthropic services are getting more attention, specifically what he is doing to help Israel as well.


As the co-founder of the Milstein Foundation, Adam focuses on not only giving back to the nation of Israel, but he is also focused on strengthening the relationship between Israel and the United States. As a consultant, Adam believes that relationship is everything. This is noticeable in all of his work with partnership development as well. Fundraising is one of Adam’s greatest passions, as he seeks to raise more money to further Jewish education, and to ensure that there is Pro-Israel advocacy among the Jewish community.


I noticed that like any charitable organization, Adam has three principles that he is focused on including active philanthropy, life path impact, and philanthropic synergy. These three principles have their own unique proposition, yet together they all serve the greater good.


The first principle, active philanthropy, is important to Adam as he invests his time, expertise and funding into each project that he is a part of. I found this to be a noble quality and one worth mentioning. The second principle of life path impact, is focused on developing programs that will address each of life’s many stages. This is another principle that I believe is noteworthy because of the focus on childhood, and the emphasis on developing as a better person in each stage of an individual’s life. The third principle of philanthropic synergy, is yet another principle I admire. Adam seeks to partner with other charities to work together and help each other to become better.


It’s clear that Adam Milstien is focused on making an impact around the world, and with these three principles, it’s no surprise that he is doing so with such passion.


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