Korean Skin Care Tips

There are some people who wonder how Asian women have such beautiful and clear skin. Wengie offers a few tips that viewers can use to get the same clear complexion while having the soft skin that is desirable to touch.


When Wengie would go to Korea, she would notice that women didn’t have pimples or blemishes on the skin. She has always made it a point to find out how they have such beautiful skin. An important thing to remember is that skin is hereditary. You will have similar skin as your parents. Those who live in colder climates have smaller pores, which can make the skin clearer and lighter. Living in a warmer climate means larger pores and a darker complexion.


Korea is about 3 years ahead of the western world when it comes to beauty products. One of the first things to talk about is the standard of skin care. Koreans have a high standard for skin. They care about the size of the pores and the moisture content of the skin. Many women carry a small bottle with water so that they can refresh the skin during the day. The routines of Koreans are very long when it comes to skincare. They usually double cleanse to get the pores as clear as possible. They exfoliate and tone. On top of toning, Koreans use moisturizing creams and face masks. They also work a facial massage into the day so that the skin stays as refreshed and youthful as possible.

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