Keeping Criminals in Jail Using the Securus Technologies Phone System

One of the hardest parts of my job in law enforcement is keeping the bad guys in jail. When a suspect can walk that fine line of avoiding being convicted because he has a great lawyer or mistakes in the courtroom, my job is that much harder trying to prove he should be in jail. When an inmate is let out of the jail on a technicality or they are being held with little evidence and may skate free, I have to work fast to produce results.


The biggest issue that I have is time is working against me. If the courts only allow a few weeks to produce solid evidence or the suspect is going to walk, I have to make use of some key resources to close this case and keep this person from getting back on the streets where they can hurt another.


I used to have amazing results in gathering evidence from informants, but the rise in violence in gangs has scared many of these people into going deep under and not talking anymore with law enforcement for fear of retaliation. I used to be able to use the inmate phone monitoring system in the jail, but these clever inmates talk in code so we can not understand what they are really saying.


Securus Technologies recently installed a new phone system, complete with the LBS software that was about to change the game. CEO Rick Smith says his thousand employees at the Dallas based company have one objective, making the world safer for everyone. We used the new system to monitor chatter between gang members, and we discovered our suspect had ordered soldiers to a location to find, hide, or eliminate evidence that could incriminate him. He had no idea I was able to decipher his code, get there first, and keep him from ever getting out of jail.


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  1. It is almost cruel that in our civilization the decriminalization and the sociology of our humanity is not being a social issue as we connect more. Although there is talks but rush essays teaches me a lesson on how this is considered convenient for most people but it is actually a social menace that is ugly. The solution should be putting away crime but even though it all links together in how we think of Securus.

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