A Brief Look At Food Processing Company, OSI Group

OSI Group is a food processing, distribution and manufacturing company. They are headquartered in Aurora, Illinois which is in the Chicago metro area. The company was originally founded in 1909 as a family owned and operated meat packing and slaughtering business.

Today, OSI Group is among the top 100 private businesses in terms of annual revenue per year, according to Forbes Magazine. OSI now has meat packing, food processing and manufacturing overseas as well. China, the United Kingdom and Germany are now home to OSI Group subsidiaries, plants and business offices.

The OSI Group can provide custom food solutions. This can include providing customized food packing solutions and the use of preservatives to enhance the shelf life of food products. OSI Group is also involved in food research and development to create better food products for customers and businesses. For restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets OSI can also help fulfill food supply chains. This can involve supplying, delivering and storing produce, meat and ready made products for consumers.

Food process engineering is also done at OSI Group. This involves using state of the art technology to improve the food processing and manufacturing process. For example, advances in engineering can help packaged foods to be better marked, tagged and ultimately tracked. This can lead to better and more effective distribution of food items. The OSI Group is at the front in leading advances in food process engineering and quality assurance procedures.

Many foods are processed and manufactured at OSI Group facilities. Ready made food products such as chicken nuggets, salamis, soups, salsas, tofu and patties are made by the company. Raw foods such as ground meats, steaks, burgers, ribs and cuts of meat are also processed by the company. The company also creates items such as breads, dough and crusts for ise by sandwich shops and pizzerias.

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Dr. Clay Siegall is known for helping cancer patients, around the world.

Seattle Genetics is grabbing focus, in the arena of investigative cancer treatment research. Seattle Genetics’s company CEO, Clay Siegall, is also the President. Dr. Siegall, co-founded the establishment in 1998. Siegall’s other duty, falls under the responsibility, of the chairman of the board committee. Dr. Siegall is well-known for his profound zeal for helping to advance the lives of citizens, who go through cancer, from the beginning of his career into biomedical investigation. Dr. Siegall is celebrated by his colleagues, as a diligent and committed worker, who has directed the foundation, to a large quantity of treatment advances, in the arena of cancer treatment investigation, as well as, radical treatments for cancer patients.

Dr. Siegall accomplished his Ph.D., from the esteemed George Washington University, where he majored in the arena of Genetics, he accrued a quantity of occupation accomplishments. When Dr. Siegall began as a Senior Researcher, he labored at the Pharmaceutical Investigate Institute, owned by the renowned Bristol-Myers. He quickly accomplished a promotion to the role of Foremost Scientist, until proceeding to the role of Staff Fellow, in addition to, becoming Biotechnology Fellow, both of which, he earned at the National Cancer Organization. These advances in his career, backed his interest to establish his own corporation, Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics’s stock values have fundamentally tripled in revenue, in only a 5 year span of time.

Dr. Siegall is well-known for his commitment to cancer research, making use of only up to date, advanced techniques. Seattle Genetics, created antibody-drug conjugates, earning them the FDA’s endorsement in 2011. With Seattle Genetics expansion, they can now help out cancer survivors, all overt the world. Dr. Siegall is distinguished, for his raising for Seattle Genetics, a surplus of $1.2 billion, from both public and private support. These new profits helped to establish new advances for helping cancer survivors, with purchasing cutting-edge equipment.

In 2013, Dr. Siegall, was honored with Alumnus of the Year, for Math and Natural Sciences, from the College of Maryland. Dr. Siegall has also contributed, to the scientific arena, by publishing new treatments for cancer survivors.

The possibilities through Wessex Institute of Technology

There are many exciting opportunities made available to graduates and students of Wessex Institute of Technology. For example: the University of Southampton, a part of Wessex, is currently hiring for several positions.


Research Manager – Helping to maximize the impact of their Journals Library. This position is based within Chilworth Science Park, a site of natural beauty. Including a conservation area this is a unique, impressive work environment.   Check this on businessinsider.com


Public Involvement Officer – Working closely with Senior Managers to to shape and drive work programs. This is an excellent opportunity for a natural collaborator with project management and people skills to make a mark and develop a career in public involvement.


Student Intern Healthcare: Policy management and Research – Taking part in activities that regulate the way money is spent on healthcare research. Activities cover a large spectrum and fall under various contracts from the Department of Health and other agencies.

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Sam Boraie- an entrepreneur with a heart for the city

Sam Boraie is the second born son of Omar Boraie. Omar is one of the first real estate developers in New Jersey. This was a city that was once characterized by crime and drug abuse. However, real estate developments by the Boraie Development Company is changing this narrative. This firm is a leading and fast growing real estate development firm with Omar Boraie as its founder. According to the NY Times, the company is now managed and ran by Sam Boraie, his brother, and younger sister.

Boraie Development LLC key projects

In a report by PR News, the Albany Street Plaza One is one of the major projects by Boraie Development LLC which has brought a resurgence in the real estate market in New Brunswick. Another key project is the residential construction on One Spring Street. This real estate company has also invested in Atlantic City and Newark. The company boasts over 30 years’ experience in providing real estate services in New Jersey and beyond. This makes it one of the most sought after companies. On his return to Newark, Shaq O’Neil sought Sam Boraie and his company to put up the One Riverview Building.

Sam Boraie and philanthropic contributions

Sam Boraie mirrors his father when it comes to philanthropic contributions. New Brunswick was once a town more famous for crime and drug abuse than anything. The situation was so bad that most people left. Most investors did not see hope for Brunswick. However, Omar Boraie, saw an opportunity when everyone else focused on the crisis at hand. He and his company single-handedly came up with projects to transform the town. They did this using business and charitable ventures. Sam Boraie has continued in this pursuit. His passion for transforming Brunswick into a better place is evident. Among the charitable ventures that he is involved in, the Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen is one dear to his heart.

According to statetheatrenj.org, Sam Boraie is one of the advisory board members of Elijah’s Promise. This charitable entity serves food to the needy in New Brunswick. The board members alongside partnerships with the local church has managed to raise funds to keep the kitchen going. The Elijah’s Promise also empowers the community with tools for personal improvement. They offer baking arts and culinary programs in an effort to empower the lives of the people in New Brunswick. This kitchen has been providing quality food for the needy for over 25 years. Sam Boraie and his company have been instrumental in making this possible.

From a vision that begun with Omar, the Boraie Development Company (https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick) has played a pivotal role in the redevelopment and revitalization of the New Jersey community. Together, they have boosted the economy and improved the lives of the people in New Brunswick. Their projects and philanthropic contributions are bound to impact generations.


Dick DeVos’s True Numbers Of Philanthropy

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have always upheld their reputation for generosity, but everyone has always wondered just how much have they truly given to their community? In light of the recent confirmation hearings regarding Betsy DeVos’s appointment to Secretary of Education, the DeVos’s made known that they have given around $139 million in their lifetimes. While both Dick and Betsy have avidly supported and have been active in the Republican Party, less than half of their contributions have gone to political candidates. They have supported many politically conservative organizations such as Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute and have given to many private and charter schools across the state. They’ve also given to local churches, museums and children’s hospitals.


Dick DeVos has impacted the Grand Rapids, MI area throughout his business career. He first worked for his family’s company Amway Corporation, a multilevel marketing firm that his father Richard DeVos Sr. had started along with Jay Van Andel. This company sells products to independent business owners who resell them for a profit. Dick DeVos later became Chairman of The Windquest Group, a company based in Grand Rapids that has investments and controlling shares in local Michigan businesses based in alternative energy, household storage, clean water and venture capital suppliers. Just recently they acquired a Holland, MI brewing company.


Dick and Betsy became very passionate about reforming education in Michigan after seeing the situation in many inner city public schools, and wanting to give other families the chance to attend the private schools they had sent their children to. They founded the Education Freedom Fund as a scholarship provider as part of the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They once tried to pass legislation allowing for private school vouchers and tax credits but it came up short. They later started a charter school with a curriculum in aircraft flight and mechanics called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos has helped build areas of downtown Grand Rapids as a member of Grand Action Committee. He and Betsy also made a generous contribution to the Kennedy Center’s Institute for Arts Management which was subsequently renamed to the Dick and Betsy DeVos Arts Management Institute. Dick also ran for governor in the 2006 Michigan gubernatorial race but fell just short to Jennifer Granholm. He continued to be active in politics and helped get a right-to-work law passed just 6 years later. He also authored the book Rediscovering American Values.


Ricardo Tosto, The Lawyer You Need

When looking for a lawyer everyone wants to make sure they are getting someone who is knowledgeable and ready to fight for their cause. People do not want a lawyer who seems so far above them that they cannot relate to their problems. It is difficult to find a balance between someone who has the knowledge needed to win your case and someone who has the compassion to relate to you. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the man you need.

Tosto started off in a small law office in Brazil. He built his law firm until it became one of the biggest law offices in the country. Today he is known as one of the most popular legal strategists in the area. His work has included many public figures including politicians and celebrities.

Ricardo Tosto is no stranger to high-profile cases. He has been involved in several cases that have proved to be very stressful for him and his team of lawyers. However, Tosto believes that fighting crime through the law is the only way to change the country for the better. He refers to this as “good combat.” Mr. Tosto’s firm does not back down from a legal fight, even if it proves to be dangerous for them. In fact, their firm has been the leader in creating new laws that regulate the economy in Brazil.

Growing his law firm is something that Ricardo Tosto takes very seriously. He has personally mentored most of his current partners, so he knows exactly how they operate. Most of the lawyers in his firm started out as interns and stayed on after they became full-time lawyers.

Mr. Tosto takes a personal interest in all of the cases his firm represents. He believes that it is important to provide direction and leadership to the lawyers in his firm so that their office is maintaining the best service to its clients. If you are looking for a lawyer to fight for your rights contact Ricardo Tosto today!

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