From Horror to Stoner: Some of the Best Movies of All-Time

Movies fall into categories, and over time movies have left lasting imprints on the film industry.  The most iconic submarine movies like U571, or iconic stars like John Wayne, one of the most well known western actors of all time.  These are the things that keep us watching, and keep us interested every time a new trailer is available.


PG-13 Horror Movies have been introducing young ones to the horror genre for generations. Earlier horror movies include Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, released in 1963 and touched on a threat that mother nature provided. In 1986, Little Shop of Horrors came out and included musical theatricals. In 1992, Death Becomes Her became a staple for many, with the story line of possibly living forever but with some guidelines to follow. PG-13 Horror movies became more suspenseful over time, with Willard in 2003 and eventually the #1 PG-13 Horror movie listed as Insidious released in 2011.  While it’s not a pg-13 movie, it’s worth mentioning Blair Witch here because it’s definitely one of the best found footage movies.

Another category that has entertained many for generations as well are the Best Stoner Movies. Rocky Horror Picture Show released in 1975, following a sweet transvestite as he prepares to go back to his home planet. In 1986, Labyrinth added a mythical twist to escaping a maze to save a baby brother. Kevin James directed Clerks in 1994 and Mallrats in 1995, including famous stoners Jay and Silent Bob. The #1 Best Stoner Movie is Dazed and Confused, released in 1993 that follows teenagers trying to find themselves in and out of high school.


The movie categories seem endless, and the number of total movies released over time seem unlimited.

The Current State Of Tech In Chicago

Rona Borre's Instant Alliance
           Rona Borre’s Instant Alliance

In general, the tech industry simply isn’t a very diverse place. Women are underrepresented in general in most technical fields, but there is an effort to change this. No one is doing more work to change things around than Rona Borre. As a successful female entrepreneur, she wants to see others succeed and does everything she can to place highly skilled professionals in the right position.


How Instant Alliance Is Changing Everything

Borre is able to help technical professionals find the right job for them through Instant Alliance. Founded in 2001, Instant Alliance focuses on ways to assist companies in need of staff with technical or financial acumen find the personnel they need. Based on, the process of finding the appropriate staff needed for these sort of tasks isn’t easy. There is far more to the process than simply finding the right resumes. You need an in depth understanding of what each potential employee can bring to the table and how those employees will help each company. This is exactly why so many companies trust Instant Alliance.

About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is an entrepreneur with a focus on the human capital industry. Her greatest success came when she decided to create Instant Alliance. Working out of her condo, Borre was able to build the company into one of the most successful staffing agencies in Chicago. She still runs the company today and receives high praises for her work.

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Should George Soros’ support for Clinton scare Trump?

Ever since 2004, George Soros had stayed silent about the matter of politics on Biography. Back then, he funded the campaign of Bush’s opponent, just to make sure that the former US president didn’t clinch the seat. His efforts were, however, futile, and he went ahead to stay low on political matters. This was until the 2016 elections, when he reemerged. This time, he was the leading funder of the campaign trail of the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton. While George Soros spent an unprecedented $27 million in 2004 on campaigns, the billionaire seems to have a renewed zeal that will make him spend more than that. As at now, the Federal Election Commission confirms that Soros has already
donated and pledged over $25 million.

While there is still a long way to go to the elections, those close to him state that Soros will definitely spend over $30 million on the Democratic Party on His support for Clinton is unshakable. What may have triggered this? In 2008, Soros indicated that he regretted supporting Barack Obama’s nomination as the leader of the Democrats. He stated that he should have supported Clinton. 2016 has presented him with an opportunity to make his wrongs right. Furthermore, Soros has enjoyed over 25 years of friendship with Clinton. Finally, George Soros has never seemed to agree with what the Republican’s presidential candidate, Donald Trump, stands for. Ideologies such as the immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms, have seen them defer. In fact, Soros was once quoted comparing the way Trump treats his workers to how ISIS runs its activities.

George Soros is not the only one donating towards Clinton’s presidential race. He has teamed up with other billionaires, including Don Sussman, Tom Seyer, and Fred Eychaner, to contribute towards the course. However, Soros still remains to be the biggest donor. Michael Vachon is the official political advisor of Soros. He confesses that he has noticed Soros’ renewed vigor in matters of politics. According to Vachon at, the investor has even donated $2 million to America Votes, a mobilization group that works to mobilize people to vote.

About George Soros
The number of people that can match Soros’ philanthropic work is negligible. The billionaire investor has, in the last 35 or so years, donated over $7 billion to charity. The cash has gone to forums such as politics, and other courses, especially those who unwillingly face discrimination. Drug users, LGBTI people, and sex workers, have been the major beneficiaries of these donations.

His soft spot for the helpless can be attributed to his life experience. Soros was born in Hungary, but didn’t grow up there due to the Nazi occupation, which he managed to flee. He left Budapest in the midst of the occupation, and moved to London, where he worked as a part-time waiter in a nightclub so that he could raise his school fees. After graduating with a degree in economics, he moved to the US, where he entered the finance world, investing in risky trades. It is these trades that earned him a fortune.

VIP Access to All the Hottest Events with Magnises

Finding fun events in a big city can be harder than you think. While cities boast many opportunities, they are not all worth your time or hard earned money. This is where a service like Magnises becomes your best friend. Magnises takes all of the guesswork out of finding great events for you and your friends. By simply downloading the app to your phone you have a personal concierge service at your fingertips. Not only can Magnises help to plan your night out, by becoming a member you get exclusive access to clubs, bars, and parties that would otherwise be impossible to get access to. When you arrive at your event there is never any hassle when entering, because, with Magnises, you are always the VIP.

Not only do you receive VIP access at the door, with your Magnises membership benefits you also get extra perks once you are inside. These perks can include complimentary shots, buy one get one free wine by the bottle, preferential seating at events, and much more. How does one access all of these amazing benefits? Signing up for Magnises membership benefits is easy. The website boasts that it takes less than a minute to sign up. By going to you can apply for these exclusive membership benefits. The website walks you through the process, and filling out the information is a breeze. The top cities listed include New York, Washington D.C. and South Hampton, however, when registering you can enter in whatever city is closest to you. After you have entered all of your information you will be taken to the membership fee page. The price for a year-long subscription is two-hundred and fifty dollars. There is also a processing fee of seven dollars and fifty-five cents. This brings the grand total of your Magnises membership to two-hundred, fifty-seven dollars, and fifty-five cents.

If you are looking for fun events, new experiences, and memory making nights out with your friends, you need a membership to Magnises. Not only will you learn about new experiences, you will have exclusive access to events that you would otherwise miss. Visit to start your membership today.

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The Mysteries of the Universe Open at the Kabbalah Centre

The mysteries of the universe unfold all around humanity. As people grow older, they often feel the need to find out even more about such mysteries and how they can be part of something that is larger than themselves. This is why so many people have sought help from those at the Kabbalah Centre. Here, it is possible for people to discover what is truly unique about the world that lies just behind them. They know that they can turn to experts in this field in order to see the world as they have never seen it before. So many people have learned to follow the work of the ancient sages in order to help them find meaning in their own contemporary lives.

Discovering Meaning Within

In life, so many people know that they are often focused on externals. They may spend their days thinking about the world in front of them. This is why it can be much more helpful to turn to those here at the Kabbalah Centre in order to find a sense of peace and a change to move away from externals that are simply not very satisfying. With the help of the experts at this organization, it is possible to move past such useless distractions and find what is truly meaningful in life.

Locating The World Within

Those at the Kabbalah Centre know that is really possible to find worlds that are within a person. They can help people find the world inside of them that is something that is soothing and helps them cope with the frustrations of the external world. When people are given the tools to be able to cope with all that is external, they can find tools that will let them develop a richly satisfying internal life that is full of self confidence and a sense of satisfaction. The inner life of someone who has learned to study Kabbalah is often incredibly rich and elegant. This is why so many people have found it useful to attend classes here in order to create a mature, adult life they truly love.

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