John Goullet is Making An Impact in The Technology Industry

Technology has become an integral part of the business world. Almost everything that is done on a daily basis in the business world currently involves some aspect of technology. The innovations in technology over the past few decades have changed the way many things are done in the business world. The popularity of the internet has changed the way millions of people handle business communications. With the popularity of the internet, many people go online to company websites to conduct research, purchases products, and other business related needs.

This change goes back to technology that was integrated into the business world that has been embraced by people and companies in the business world. Today things are done that could not have been done a few decades ago. While technology has changed the way people interact with companies, technology has also changed the way companies approach business operations.

One of the biggest shifts in the business world over the past few decades has been a move from maintaining IT staff in-house and using outsourced technology companies to provide IT related services. There are a variety of reasons for this shift concerning IT. These reasons include lower personnel cost for outsourced IT, access to desired IT expertise, and a reduction in software and hardware cost.

Another major change in the business world related to technology is the establishment of technology related companies that provide IT staffing for companies and individuals. One of these technology companies is Diversant. The principal executive at Diversant is John Goullet. As the main executive, John Goullet has provided excellent leadership for Diversant. The focus of the company is to help IT professional find IT jobs that best fit their goals and objectives along with helping companies fill IT related positions. Diversant has made a name for itself in the IT staffing arena.

John Goullet is highly respected for his leadership at Diversant. However, Mr. Goullet is also the founder of Info Technologies, which is an IT company. John Goullet was the CEO of Info Technologies from 1994 to 2010. As the CEO of an IT company and primary executive of an IT staffing company, John Goullet brings a unique perspective to the table regarding his view of the IT industry.

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