Securus Technologies Issues Corrections to GTL Press Release

Securus Technologies has moved to correct inaccuracies contained in a press release from GTL. The Dallas based company has published corrections to information which is clearly misleading.


The case is now stayed


One of the key points that Securus Technologies wants to pass across to the public is that the case, which was filed in Texas Federal Court is now stayed. In fact, the 816 Patent that they keep talking about is not validated. GTL is therefore unable to secure an injunction or damages.


PTAB declined to assess the claims


In its litigation with Securus, GTL fails to understand that PTAB declined to assess the claims that have been challenged. They, therefore, are only asserting one independent claim and it involves an even bigger group of dependent claims. Securus CEO says that the company does not practice the fundamental security feature that is at the center of the claim.


None of the innovations has been patented


One of the most notable facts about these claims is that PTAB has not asserted that any of the claimed innovations have been patented. The only conclusion that was reached is that they will not review the claims. It therefore is questionable whether GTL can actually move to court because the situation is still a long way to being settled.


Despite the press release from GTL, Securus Technologies remains committed to offering the best services. They are still working hard to better public safety, corrections, monitoring, and investigation solutions. In addition to that, the company also remains committed to fair financial practices even though it is keen to protect itself from such misleading information.


2 thoughts on “Securus Technologies Issues Corrections to GTL Press Release”

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