Brexit Causes Mad Rush for Gold

The decision by the United Kingdom to exit the European Union had immediate political, economic and security repercussions not only to Britain, but also to the rest of the world. The Brexit, the term coined for the UK exit, has raised several debates on who exactly are the winners and losers of the referendum vote.


However one thing is certain, irrespective of who won or lost, gold and other precious metals have received a significant boost in price as investors rush to buy more. Since the referendum vote, the price of gold has steadily risen and is expected to reach an all-time high towards the end of the year.


Why is this?


The main reason is that the Brexit caused a significant decrease in the value of the British Pound. With investors fearing massive losses, the next logical step for the market was to hedge against the decreasing pound. Precious metals like gold and silver are used to hedge against currency.


Market Reaction to the Devalued Pound


The exit vote dealt a great blow to the British Pound. Lack of investors’ confidence in the United Kingdom’s economy led to the devaluation of the Pound. Almost immediately, the demand and price of gold increased exponentially.


Immediately after the Friday vote, gold prices increased by five percent. By the next Monday, they had risen by another 5 percent. Today, gold prices have increased by a whopping 25 percent to over $1,300 per ounce. This is the highest price in the last two years. By all indications, these prices are set to increase further going into 2017.


Within the gold industry, companies have seen a significant rise in their stock. A case in point is Miner Newmont’s stock price that has doubled in the last one month. Additionally, other precious metals like silver also saw a sharp increase in demand and price. As a matter of fact, silver prices increased by an unprecedented 10 percent per day.


Although the US dollar saw a modest growth rate of 1 percent, European shares indices did not fare well. They dropped by up to 6 percent.


What the Future Holds for the EU


The market skepticism caused by the Brexit and the devalued British pound favors gold investors. With the Brexit vote believed to be the first of many future exits, the price of gold and other precious metals is expected to rise competitively as investors look for safe alternative investments.

College Football Takings Betting To A New Level

While there are many NFL fans out there, when it comes to pure excitement and the pure level of unpredictability, people often say that no one can compete with college football. There are games that go into overtime and sometimes it is impossible to know how long they will last or what will happen. There is also “Upset Saturday,” as they like to call it on the airwaves. There is often no rhyme or reason for what happens in college football, but that is half the fun of it. It makes the bettor work that much harder to get their information in order to get it right. One never knows what might happen in college football on any given Saturday.

That is why bettors are often glued to their TV on Saturday’s, as they watch the games. There have been some wild and crazy finishes over the past few years and even this season alone. The point spreads can be incredibly high and many college football fans are still reeling from the amazing game between Texas and Notre Dame from earlier in the season.

This is the prime time for bettors and a time they look forward to more than any other time of the year. In the NFL, sometimes it can be easy to see which team is going to win. Yes, there are upsets, but there seems to be more upsets in college football. That is why anyone placing a bet on anything relating to college football odds needs to spend their time on They will take care of them and make sure they are ready for whatever may or may not happen in a particular game.

However, as long as someone has used, listened to the experts on their website, and done their homework, they can rest easy knowing they have done their part. It is, of course, fun to watch the game, but when someone has something riding on the game, it is even more exciting and filled with even more joy. When someone picks an upset that no one saw coming, that is a rush and a thrill that simply is one-of-a-kind. That is why people know to use

Must-See YouTube’s Wengie DIY: Turning Water Into Instant Ice Delight

YouTube beauty star Wengie is getting closer to 3 million subscribers. So click on to subscribe now, for a chance to win one of two MacBook Airs that will be drawn on Sunday, September 25th. Also, be part of Wengie’s amazing #vlogsquad.

In Wengie’s DIY video today, Wengie tries one of her favorite discoveries of all time, turning water into ice instantly and four methods to achieving this. She wants her fans to try it at home, and then tell the world at #wengiecorns.

To get started, you will need several bottles of distilled or purified water. Wengie used spring water, and her experiment still worked fine. Place the bottles in the freezer lying down with a gap between each bottle for about two to three hours.

Take the bottles out of the freezer 15 minutes before the icicles first form inside the bottle.

Wengie’s took around 2.5 hours with a freezer at minus 22 degrees. Every freezer temperature is set differently.

1. Remove your first bottle carefully from the freezer, and don’t shake it around, or the activation will begin too early. Now, take your bottle and just slam it down on the table, and watch the entire contents turn to ice instantly. So cool, Wengie falls down laughing hysterically.

2. Get out another bottle from the freezer. Take a see-through glass jar, and pour in some water. Plunk in an ice cube, and watch the activation occur. Now, you have a jar full of sharp ice crystals. It’s literally magical, Wengie says.

3. Next, pour colored water into a martini glass quickly, and then submerge an ice cube half way into the water, and hold it there. Immediately, ice forms around the cube and stands up frozen in place. Add lemon or lime for a great party drink.

4. Lastly, place some ice cubes at the bottom of a bowl to activate the freezing process. Pour water directly onto the ice, and watch a tall ice tower begin forming. When you’re done, turn this into a snow cone with flavored syrup and some berries. It’s yummy.


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Growth of Businessman Jose Manuel Gonzalez

When it comes to running a business and being a politician in Venezuela, there is no one better than Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The reason for this is because the Venezuelan Market can be difficult to run a business in, so it is very important to be very knowledgeable about the business industry before doing anything that might compromise someone’s budget. This is what makes Jose Manuel Gonzalez different from all of the other businessmen that he has been working with for years. He truly puts the time and effort into ensuring that his business and politics are being run in an efficient manner so that people can make a benefit from using his services.

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What sets Jose Manuel Gonzalez apart from so many other people who are running a business in Venezuela is that he takes the time and effort into putting into his business to ensure that people are making use of his services in a more efficient manner. Now is the time for you to think about making use of Jose Manuel Gonzalez and his company as well, since this is a wonderful option for anyone who is looking to better themselves and live in Venezuela while also running a successful business to bring in a good income. You can also find Jose Manuel Gonzalez on a variety of social media sites to learn more about what he is like and what he is up to at the current moment for your own benefit.

Helping Inmates and Their Loved Ones In Louisiana

Louisiana is being bombarded with flooding, which has displaced many people and left them unsure about their future. Having a way for people to communicate with their loved ones during this time is very important. It is also important for the inmates in Louisiana to communicate with their friends and family members, and Securus Technologies is making that happen. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has long been providing communication technology for inmates to have with their family members and friends along with the correctional staff and law enforcement officers in the facilities. With the flooding causing devastation in the state of Louisiana, Securus is offering free phone calls for inmates who reside in Louisiana so that they can have better access to their loved ones during this time. Watch more on


 Securus offers communication technology services throughout 45 states in the United States along with other countries such as the Canada and Mexico. They have experienced customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and professional, and are able to resolve any issues regarding technical services that occur. Please click here to learn more about this great company and the many services it has to offer.


When it comes to family members and friends experiencing any sort of crisis, communication is very important for everyone. Securus not only offers communication services for the inmates, but this is a company that also cares.


IAP Worldwide Services: Successfully Conducting Challenging Operations In the Harshest Environments

IAP Worldwide Services is a company counted on to deliver advanced technical services, facilities management and logistics in often demanding situations for military, private and public sector customers. Whether their services are needed on a battlefield or in the aftermath of a natural disaster anywhere in the world, they are there in a flash. They have thousands of employees working in 25 countries solving technical and logistical problems. They are a world leader in their field.

When you are looking for a company to plan, coordinate, manage, operate and maintain a remote research laboratory, civilian facility or military installation, contact IAP Worldwide Services. They have the equipment, technology, expertise, manpower and flexibility to handle any mission no matter how difficult or dangerous. The company has a reputation for exceeding their customers’ expectations. For over 60 years customers have known they can depend on IAP Worldwide Services to get the job done right.

The continued success of the company is a result of their corporate responsibility, leadership, values, ingenuity, equipment and people. The entire company is committed to doing whatever is necessary to help their customers attain their goals. They focus on the mission at hand and have the agility, creativity, flexibility, critical problem solving and expertise to accomplish near impossible feats. The IAP Worldwide team has the capabilities necessary to formulate faster and better ways to handle even the most challenging assignments using their dynamic, systems-based approach.

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IAP: Home
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

A global company that’s dedicated to sustainable readiness, IAP Worldwide Services was created from the combination of several pioneering companies. It started in 1953 with Pan Am World Services, the company which built and operated the first space launch complex in America at Cape Canaveral, Florida. In 1989, Pan Am Services was purchased by Johnson Controls. Together they became Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, a worldwide leader in the maintenance, management and operation of commercial facilities and military bases. When specialized procurement and logistics company IAP acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services in 2005, they formed IAP Worldwide Services.

Today IAP Worldwide is known for their unsurpassed engineering services, construction management, airport master planning and more. They also devise innovative ways to improve energy efficiency by automating security, fire, and environmental control at the facilities at which they work. The company employs more than 1,600 employees and successfully conduct operations in over 110 locations no matter how harsh the environment or challenging the location.

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